26 Truths About Myself I’ve Come to Accept – Birthday Edition

Before I begin, I want to send my thoughts and love to people in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. As a New Orleanian, I, along with many others, am all too familiar with the devastation a hurricane can bring and how it can change your home, your city and your heart. We see you, Texas, and we’re here for you. 

If you’re interested in donating your time, money or other resources to the victims of the hurricane, I urge you to visit this website that has several ways you can give back to your neighbors during their time of need. 

Additionally, today is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I’m sending my love to those whose lives were forever changed by the storm in 2005. I wish I could be in my beloved city to give it and its people a hug, but I’m sending my love from afar today.


I’m 26 years old today, friends.

Another year has come and gone, and now I am officially closer to my 30s than my 20s.

It feels like indigestion, but with the promise of Tums.

This past year was a bit of a rocky one for me personally. Although I have experienced some incredible opportunities, such as writing for a theatre column, traveling to Paris, Germany and Ireland, lounging on the beaches of Delaware, and more, this year has also seen some struggles.

I struggled with a quarter-life crisis.

I struggled with finding a new job and changing careers.

I experienced my first TDY with the military.

I got stress hives for the first time. Did I ever share this news? It was WEIRD.

I cried. A lot.

I felt lonely, and allowed myself to feel the loneliness.

I questioned literally everything about myself, my career, my path and more.

And that is all part of this growing up thing I’ve got going on, so I’m rolling with it. Some days will be dumpster days, and some days will be a beautiful recycling bin full of promise, or to echo what I wrote earlier, a Tums to soothe your indigestion.

Birthdays have always been weird for me. They’re stressful and make me feel like I need to plan a giant extravaganza in my honor, which makes me feel awkward and kind of uncomfortable.

It’s always been that way.

Thanks to the people in my life, my birthday has always felt like a special day. It’s one I do want to recognize but not really make a show out of, I guess. My life is dramatic enough as it is without making this day a huge spectacle (cough, actor problems).

I’m doing things a little differently this year, so let’s hop right to it.

Here are 26 thoughts I have about growing up, what I’ve learned and how to make this next year of my life even better than the last:

  1. You are doing the best you can.
  2. The job you might have right now does not define you, and if you want to leave it, you can and you should.
  3. New York City will always be a magical land full of theatre and hope and those insanely delicious Levain Bakery cookies. Visit it often.
  4. Practice a self-care routine and make it a priority. Slow mornings work best for me, and taking the time on Sunday evenings to paint my nails while watching one of my shows makes me feel good.
  5. Your workouts don’t have to kill you or even last an hour. Just move a little everyday and love yourself.
  6. You’ve become more adaptable this year. Continue this streak. Life has a funny way of throwing you curveballs, so if you can navigate your life around them without losing your head, you’ll be good to go.
  7. Spontaneous plans can sometimes be the best plans, so be open to picking up and going on a moment’s notice. Not everything has to been planned down to a science.
  8. Indulge in things that bring you joy without hesitation like travel and theatre.
  9. Visit home as often as you can.
  10. Talk to strangers more, or simply ask them how they’re doing.
  11. Invest in yourself. Take acting classes, buy a new pair of shoes, indulge in new makeup or a manicure every once in awhile. Don’t be afraid to spend your money on you.
  12. You’ve focused on your physical health a lot this year. I’m proud of you for that.
  13. You’ve also accepted that you struggle with anxiety, and I’m proud of you for that too.
  14. You unapologetically voice your opinions and take a stand for what you believe in. Always. You go, girl.
  15. You’ve become more compassionate, and I can see your growth and maturity with each passing day.
  16. Try not to eat too much dairy, because it makes you feel weird, but don’t start fearing it. Fearing food is bad. We’ve been here before, remember?
  17. Saying no to an opportunity here and there might be the best way to go, especially if there’s something telling you not to choose it.
  18. Have more patience. You need to work on this.
  19. Stop making excuses for yourself. It’s gone a little overboard lately.
  20. I don’t think you want Powered by Sass to turn into a fitness/healthy living blog, so stop comparing yourself to fitness/healthy living bloggers. 🙂
  21. Putting your self-worth in your job title will start to fade and become less important, so when the time comes for you to embark on a new career journey, don’t let being underemployed for a time define you.
  22. Take those risks that have been on your mind. You know the ones. Go get what you want. Go. Go. Go.
  23. You owned your emotions this year and you wear them on your sleeve. It’s not an easy task to do. But you’re finally coming to terms with who you are and how you’re made. It’s fun, isn’t it? Being yourself? Stay true.
  24. Bills suck. Expenses suck. They do now and always will. Rip the Band-Aid and pay them early if you can. Money can be remade.
  25. Trust that the people in your life love you. Simple as that.
  26. Continue to learn, grow and experience life. Remember there is no right path and that life truly is a journey. Let yourself fall, but pick yourself up. Give yourself permission to fly and then to soar. You know who you are and what you’re meant to do. This is your year to make it happen.

The world can be kind to you if you let it.

That’s all I have for you today, friends! My day will be spent at work, but the evening will include a new-to-me dinner spot with my dude and a giant slice of cake, of course. Follow me along on Instagram or Facebook to stay connected!

How do you feel about your birthday? Love it or loathe it?

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself this year?

P.S. I just want to give you all a head’s up about Powered by Sass. No, it’s not going anywhere, however I am in the process of giving it a facelift. My updated website is being worked on as we speak, and I have a new logo which I’m so excited about! I hope you all understand my sporadic posting schedule, potential website snafus, and maybe a bump in the road here and there while all of this gets worked out. I want to make sure it’s at its absolute best before debuting. Thanks!

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  1. August 29, 2017 / 8:15 am

    I love this post! Reflecting on the past year is something I love to do on my birthdays. Something I’ve learned about myself this year is that while other people will always have an opinion, you have to do what is right for you.

    Happy birthday!

    • August 29, 2017 / 8:53 am

      I love that life lesson! It’s important to do what you want and what’s best for you. Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and thank you for the happy birthday! 🙂

  2. Crystal Bourgeois
    August 31, 2017 / 4:34 pm

    It’s really awesome to know that someone else my age is experiencing similar moments and having similar thoughts. There’s something cathartic about feeling lonely and allowing yourself to feel it, but it’s even more powerful to be reminded that others feel it too – I find comfort in knowing that it’s just a part of being human. Happy belated birthday to you and your beautiful soul Kaitlyn!!

    • September 1, 2017 / 8:38 am

      Life is a funny thing to navigate, but we’re often told that feeling sad or lonely sometimes isn’t acceptable, when it is. Or that we should be surrounded by a dozen best friends every single day, etc. I’m happy this post resonated with you, Crystal! Thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing your thoughts. 🙂 And thank you for the birthday wishes! Love you to the moon. <3

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