What I’ve Learned While Growing My “Brand” (But Mostly What I Haven’t)

I started Powered by Sass back in 2014 (fun throwback to my first post in May 2014) as a way to simply chronicle my life.

I was in my early 20’s, working in a coffee shop in New Orleans, and acting in film and theatre. I had a lot to say, and sometimes I would tire my regulars at PJ’s Coffee, so I started a blog and began writing away.

I knew I had a few readers, and I knew I wanted people to read my blog, but I never focused on growing my following or developing a brand. Powered by Sass just was. It merely existed for you to enjoy or not.

I kind if liked it that way.

Over the years, my “brand” along with my content started developing. When I quit my coffee shop job to begin teaching, my posts turned from stories of auditions and plays to stories of my classroom and students. Halfway throughout my first year teaching, I shared a personal story about my newfound career path, along with tales of travel and military as I began dating my current boyfriend.

When I made the move from New Orleans to DC, my blog changed yet again. This time, it was about a new environment, starting from square one in a career, and relationship advice.

Powered by Sass has never just been about one thing, but the one constant in my years of blogging is that everything I write about is stuff that I know.

It’s stuff that I’ve lived.

Boy trouble, acting woes, acting triumphs, job hunts, underemployment, quarter-life crises, travel tips, stuff I want to do and places I want to see, etc.

So what exactly is my brand?

If you open up Instagram, you will quickly become bombarded by Instagram-famous models and bloggers all promoting the girl power / entrepreneur / fitness-foodie brands. Their pictures are perfectly cropped and edited and somehow all within the same color palette, they brunch on the weekly with their slew of other blogger girlfriends, they probably have a hypoallergenic dog…

Powered by Sass is not that, and Powered by Sass is not that, because I am not that.

My pictures on my Instagram are a hodgepodge of colors, landscapes, sarcastic sayings, and coffee, I don’t brunch on the weekly because #budget, and our dog and cat are the furriest little creatures I have ever encountered, and, despite vacuuming multiple times a week, there is HAIR EVERYWHERE.

So when I sit down and think about my brand, all I have to say for it is that it’s just… me. It’s my life. It’s shit I’ve learned, and shit I’ve done wrong.

It’s what happened to me in a day, typically with a comedic twist on it, because it’s easier to accept being berated in your apartment’s elevator if you turn the verbal-attacker into an unassuming old lady with a purse-dog.

It’s living in Virginia and wondering what the hell I’m doing here in the land of politics, when I am the least politically-minded person I know (hint: I’m here because I love a boy and he lives here and also Borinquen Lunch Box is here).

It’s places that I travel and highlights from faraway lands, as well as the real talk like how we nearly fell OFF OF THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN in Ireland, or how I was a pill the morning of Oktoberfest because of jet lag, or how during Red Dress Run in New Orleans we kept thinking, “This is so gentrified, it’s depressing” and how I yelled at a man three times my age because he was being an asshole.

I sometimes give advice.

I sometimes ask for advice.

The posts where I just sit down and write are some of my favorite posts to share, regardless of how many views they get or if the SEO is top-notch, or if I have a call to action at the end of my posts to monitor engagement. That’s all so exhausting, and in the past year, the moments I spend stressing about those details are the moments where I start to view writing and my blog as a burden.

I never want to view my writing or my blog as a burden. 

So I’m going to chill out.

I’m going to write what I know.

I’ll continue to share funny stories about my day-to-day life, the stresses of growing up and figuring out what you want to do with the REST OF YOUR LIFE (be Tina Fey), relationship tips that I probably learned after a bought of being an a-hole, and probably pictures of my food because I like to eat and sometimes it looks pretty.


I mean, would you just LOOK at this beautiful half-chicken and stein of beer? GOD, I MISS IT.

If you like it, please stay. Reach out and share your stories with me. Tell me what you like, how you can relate, what you’d like to read more of.

If you don’t, then maybe Powered by Sass, my brand, is not for you. Maybe I’m not for you. Maybe we wouldn’t be real life friends.

And that’s okay too.

Because you can’t please everybody, but you can please yourself.

And if Powered by Sass is my brand, and if my brand is me, well, then, I like it just fine, and I hope you do too.


My face when researching SEO


MRW I’m trying to write on a subject that isn’t speaking to me but will get a lot of blog views and make my stats skyrocket


Me all of the time but mostly in my darkest hours of figuring out HTML and how to grow my following on social channels

And to my readers who look to my posts for entertainment, advice, and what not to do to in your 20’s, thank you for stopping by and for sticking around, even if things sometimes get boring or sad or overly sappy or too excited.

I love you and I like you.



  1. June 11, 2017 / 12:24 pm

    This is awesome. Be you. My Brand = ME and I am proud of it. I don’t have professional photogs, I don’t have 10k followers, but you know what? I know that the people who are there aren’t just blowing smoke up my ass!

    • June 11, 2017 / 2:01 pm

      Love that! It can be so stressful trying to keep up with everything, and in the midst of all of that, you lose who you are and what called you to blog in the first place. No more! Powered by Sass is me, and I like who I am just fine! High five! 🙂

  2. Crystal Bourgeois
    June 12, 2017 / 10:41 am

    Your brand is encouraging and a breath of spunky, fresh air – power on girl!

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