Life Lately 6/3

Today I wanted to try something new on the blog and write my own version of the infamous Life Lately posts. I see these a lot in the blog world, and I love reading them from some of my favorite bloggers, so I decided to do the same!

Here we go!

Lately, I have been enjoying Geraldine DeRuiter‘s book, “All Over the Place,” and let me just tell you, I love it. It’s funny, heartfelt, and contains enough references about cake that both my thirst for adventure and sweet tooth are satisfied.

The Everywhereist in Bethany Beach, DE

Lately, I have been really enjoying my workouts. I think it might be my new Nikes that I bought a few weeks back. They’re perfect for lifting and keep my feet sturdy when I’m doing squats. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for both a cute and functional gym shoe. Here they are.

Nike kicks

I’ve been eating a more plant-based diet for a couple of months now, omitting almost all meat from my diet aside from the accidental pork in my Vietnamese and Thai takeout. Anyway, I’ve been feeling great on my meatless diet. I’m planning to write a post about my transition to plant-based. Would you be interested in reading about that?

Plant-based meals don't have to be boring!

Pictured above: kale/spinach mix topped with tofu, sweet potatoes, avocado, beets, baby carrots, hummus, sriracha, feta, and nutritional yeast with a corn tortilla from TJ’s.

The other evening, Felix and I were watching Sherlock (I AM SO OBSESSED), and one of our neighbors slipped a note under our front door that read, “Please lower the sound of your stereo or TV,” which sounds nice enough, right? But then they continued with, “… it annoys all your neighbors. Thank you.”

Now, initially, I was put off by this note. For starters, step away from my front door, you buzzkill. Two, just because you start a note with “please” and end with “thank you” doesn’t mean it’s nice. This was rude, and passive aggressively so, my LEAST favorite kind.

So I did what anyone else would do and hung it on our fridge using a magnet from a fond memory of our trip to Ireland. I’m also looking for frames to hang it in our bathroom. Suggestions?

Love notes from our neighbors

I bought a robe on sale from Gap. I’ve lived in it for a week straight, except when I have to put actual clothes on. I love it. It’s my home now.

GAP robe

I have been DYING to get away on another vacation, and it’s been amped up since I began recapping my trip to L.A. from a few months ago. I just love traveling. I have so many places on my list.

One of the many mosaic walls in Philly

Posing for prom in Philly this past winter

I want to go to Hawaii, Greece, Iceland, Puerto Rico, Italy, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Niagra Falls, just to name a few. Can I just take a year to travel the world? Maybe that will aid in my inspiration for my book.

Three dudes at Oktoberfest

Blurry photo from Oktoberfest #beer #lotsofit

Feeding wild horses in the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Having a moment with a couple of wild horses on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Oh yeah, I’m writing a book. I feel the need to share that tidbit with the Universe in hopes it propels my creativity forward and I bust out the next “Bossypants,” “Yes, Please,” or “Talking As Fast As I Can.”

I received a message last night from an old friend back in New Orleans. We haven’t spoken in quite some time, but it’s amazing how the Universe will deliver a message of encouragement to you in times you need it the most.


Also, Wonder Womanesque. One, amazing for a hashtag, no? Two, such a nice compliment that I am entirely unworthy of but will accept it with love and a thank you all the same. Thank you, P, for turning my night around with your kind words.

That’s all I have for you today. This post was a fun one to write!

Question of the Day!

Tell me something that’s been up with you lately! Favorite workout? Meal? Compliment you’ve received or given?  

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  1. June 5, 2017 / 10:27 am

    Last Saturday our base had a “mud run” and one of my husband’s airmen asked me to do it with her. I am not a runner, nor do I enjoy being covered in mud, but I went anyway and had an absolute blast! It also made me realize how little I’ve been challenging myself at the gym, so my goal for this week is to step it up a notch! Also, thanks for the shoe recommendation—it came at the perfect time because mine are just a little bit ruined 😂

    • June 5, 2017 / 12:17 pm

      I am SO happy to hear that you stepped outside of your comfort zone and had fun doing it. Inspiration! It’s crazy how little we challenge ourselves sometimes, isn’t it? Keep kicking you-know-what. Also, these shoes are just the best, for real!

  2. Crystal Bourgeois
    June 5, 2017 / 11:31 am

    1. Super excited about the prospect of reading a book by Kaitlyn!
    2. I’ve been considering a more plant based diet as well so we have been experimenting with different recipes. Cauliflower grits and/or mash are delicious! And there are so many yummy options with spaghetti squash.
    3. You always have cute clothes, envious traveling plans, and photos of scrumptious food – have you ever considered including a piece or segment about couples who budget well?

    • June 5, 2017 / 12:19 pm

      1. Ah! I love you! You’re the sweetest.
      2. I love spaghetti squash. It’s so versatile. And I’ve made cauliflower mash once and loved it, and I want to experiment with cauliflower pizza crust. Have you ever done that?? Plant-based for the win.
      3. I never have, but I should! If there’s one thing I’m decent at in life, it’s budgeting. *I think*. Haha. I’ll add that post to my lineup. Thanks for the rec and the compliment on my clothes. 😉 Confession: most of the time I’m just running around in workout gear, even if I don’t work out. DON’T TELL ANYONE.


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