Appreciate Me, Dangit! – Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

I never knew the sacrifices of a military family until I started living it. Aside from the hard work from the service member, spouses (and significant others!) also sacrifice a great deal too, and it can sometimes goes unnoticed.


From sacrificing your career, friends, family, establishing roots, holding down the fort while your person is away, and, let’s be real, your sanity, being a milso ain’t always easy.


But the greatest things in life never are… like opening a jar of Talenti gelato when it’s halfway melted and refrozen. That shit is hard, but oh my god so worth it.

Today is for you, milso.

To the girlfriends and boyfriends who are total n00bz to this lifestyle (like me!)…

To the fiances who have said “Yes!” to forever with their service member…

To the wives and husbands who are seasoned milspouses, who know the drill, and who roll their eyes at us newbies when we think we know everything…

To the mamas and the daddies who hold down the fort when the mama or the daddy is away on deployment or working long hours or having “mandatory fun” (because, I shit you not, this is a thing)…

To all of the S.O.’s out there who have given up their hometowns for a life of relocating, who have put their careers on hold or changed them entirely so they could live life with the one they love, who, despite what their S.O. thinks, truly wears the pants in the family, today is for you.

You are not forgotten.

You do not go unnoticed.

And you really do wear the pants. You da boss.


In the military world, where everything is uncertain, you are the one constant.

And that is pretty badass.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation to YOU.


What do you think?