A Special Birthday Shoutout!

Today is a super special day in the neighborhood, because it’s my dude’s birthday, and he’s going to haaaate me posting all about it because then all of the attention will be on him!

So please join me in wishing Felix a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAY!


This picture is actually from NYE 2016, but it’s suiting, isn’t it?

Felix, I am so happy to be celebrating another birthday with you… even if we’re both working and won’t see each other until the evening. Ah, military life. But we’ll celebrate this weekend!

I love you very much, and I hope you have the best day. Thirty-two looked good on you, but thirty-three will be even better. 

Thank you for holding my hand when we walk in public. PDA! PDA!


Thank you for letting me sing in your face an embarrass you when you were the best man in Scotty and Karen’s wedding in Milwaukee!


And thank you, thank you, thank you for being one of the very few men I know who can pull off a mustache, because damn.


(and also for reminding me to wear sunscreen at all times forever and ever, even when I’m inside sitting next to a window)

You are truly my favorite human. You’re special and talented and smart and funny and capable of amazing things. I’m happy to know you. You make people’s lives better.

Happy Birthday, Peanut. < now everyone knows I call you PEANUT.

Love you to the moon.

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