Hello, Dublin!

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We landed in Dublin in the evening, caught an Airbus to our Airbnb, where we were greeted by an older Irish woman, a beautiful room with the most gorgeous bay window, and a spread of tea, coffee, and chocolate.


After dropping off our luggage, we walked down the street to a tiny restaurant for a beer and a proper meal.

When our server came up to us and asked what we’d like to order, it took EVERYTHING IN ME not to scream and jump and clap for joy at the sound of his wonderful accent. I love Irish dialects. I was in for quite the treat.

Tuesday: First full day in Dublin

I woke up pumped.

Despite the long day of travel we had the previous day, we burned off our energy with a four mile run around Dublin that took us through St. Stephen’s Green, which was just beautiful.


Jumping for joy in St. Stephen’s Green!

It was a pretty cool morning and we worked up an appetite, so before heading back to our room to get ready for the day, we stopped by a cafe for coffee and porridge.

Yes, porridge. Shoot me because it’s so adorable (and delicious!).



Around 10:30am, we left for our main event of the day, a tour at the Guinness Factory!


We spent at least two hours roaming around the seven story brewery, learning all about how Guinness is created, distributed, and even poured. It’s quite an intricate process, and it was so much fun to learn and pour our own pint!


One cool thing I learned was that the water that Guinness uses for their beer comes from the Wicklow Mountains, which we’d be driving through the following day. So fresh.

After a tasting tour, and pouring our own pint, we brought our delicious beer up to the seventh floor Gravity Bar to enjoy our beer with a panoramic view of Dublin.

It was magic.



Master of the pint.

We worked up quite the appetite (drinking beer is hard work), so we Ubered to a restaurant Felix chose for a hearty lunch, and it did not disappoint.

We sat in a cozy wooden booth with burgundy leather upholstery, ordered a beer (obviously – when in Ireland or anywhere for that matter), and shared lamb shank over mashed potatoes and leeks, and beef stew with roasted veggies.


Brb, crying


You guys. Wow. I’m not one for heavy lunches, especially if I know I’ll be walking around a lot, but this food was easily one of the best meals from the entire trip.

After pulling ourselves off of the pretty, leather seats, we made our way back out onto the “streeeeeeeets of Duuubliiiiiiiiin” for something sweet to take with us on our walking tour of Trinity College!






I call this the “Wonderball” (that’s not what it’s called)

Like, people go here? To learn? I saw this with my very eyes, and I STILL don’t believe the grass is this green.

I think we walked a total of six miles so far this day, which warranted a nap back at the Airbnb before making our way to Angelina for dinner, which was cute restaurant laced with twinkly lights and hip people.

I ate the most delicious ricotta and avocado salad and sang the “A Man of No Importance” soundtrack in my best Irish dialect alllllll the way back to the Airbnb, which I’m sure Felix appreciated.

I am such a treat to everyone’s ears.

It was so dark and so chilly, but I didn’t even care. I had only been here for one day, and Ireland stole my heart already. If I only knew what was in store for me the following days…


Hi, Molly!

Up next: Renting a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side and our bar-hopping adventures in the enchanted town of Kinsale!


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