How to Tour Paris in Less Than 8 Hours

I am having SO much fun recapping my vacation to Germany and Ireland, so let’s get to it! If you’re just joining in, hi and welcome. You can find my recaps of Munich and Neuschwanstein Castle here and here.


After leaving Munich, and before landing in Ireland, we had a little layover in Paris!

We had eight hours until our flight to Dublin, and by God, we were going to make the most of it!

How to Tour Paris in Less Than 8 Hours

First stop…


I can’t tell you how many lazy Frenchman jokes we made while standing in this line for 1 1/2 hours, but wow were they flying.

The line was like, a mile deep and only TWO PEOPLE WERE WORKING. And I swear one of them clocked out for a long lunch halfway through.

After getting our passports checked and being asked, “Vut are you doing een Pahri?” we were on our way to the city to le explore!

Up first, an Uber!

I’d also like to take this time to applaud all French Uber drivers for having candy in their cars for the passengers.


Bon bon, anyone?

When I saw it in the distance, I lost my breath. The Eiffel Tower is just as enormous and magnificent in person as in pictures. I honestly couldn’t believe I was standing there in front of it.


Felix and I spent awhile taking pictures in the front, which was so much fun. We didn’t want to ask someone to take photos for us because WHAT IF THEY STOLE OUR PHONES? So we used selfie sticks, self timers, and our tripod instead.

Things got hilarious.

But we ended up with some pretty amazing shots.



My favorite.

After the Eiffel Tower, we made our way to Notre Dame! Felix pointed out the gargoyles and parts that were in Disney’s the Hunchback. It was really cool. Massive!


After taking pictures in front of here and watching people make out (a real, French stereotype!), we stopped by a cafe for a bite to eat.

The meal started with a baguette (another real stereotype!) and a shared glass of red wine. We also shared roasted chicken with fries and a banana Nutella crepe, because oh yes, Nutella. Oh yes, crepes.


Can I eat Nutella crepes everyday for the rest of time?

We walked to the Louvre after this and stopped by the Seine River along the way, which was just beautiful. Everything in Paris was beautiful (yet another stereotype).


The Louvre was GINORMOUS, and I so wish we actually had time to go inside, but we did not. Time was ticking by this point, so we walked around the outside for a bit and took some pictures. We also made a little Asian tourist friend who was throwing peace signs and had a strong selfie game.




So handsome!


Although our time in Paris was très expedited, it was still a blast running throughout the city and stopping by the main sights before dashing off to the next!

All of the running around was pretty exhausting, and I caught this dude having a little nap in our Uber.


Caught ya.

We got back to the airport, luggage in tow (oh yeah, did I mention we did ALL OF THIS while dragging our luggage around?), and hopped onto the plane to Dublin!



I should mention, however, that if you’re flying Transavia, watch the prices they charge you for your checked bags. Felix and I paid €30 to check our bags from Munich to Dublin with our layover in Paris in-between, and they wanted to charge us again to continue bringing our luggage from Paris to Dublin. Think again, buddy! #WaivedFeeSoHard

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Especially when there are bon bons to eat and Guinness to drink.

Up next is a recap of all things Ireland! Ready, set, sheep.



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