Travel Recap: Neuschwanstein Castle

You can find my first travel recap of Munich days one and two (and Oktoberfest!) here.


On to my travel recap of Neuschwanstein Castle!


Despite having a semi-late night before, we woke up early Sunday morning with breakfast on our minds. We wanted to grab a bite with our friends before they drove back to Italy and before we ventured off to the main sight of the day, Neuschwanstein Castle!

But, first… coffee.


We ended up settling on the Forum, which was a great little spot halfway between our Airbnb and the train station. Breakfast for me was two cups of coffee (is anyone surprised?) and scrambled eggs with ham, a sesame bagel, and a huge smear of jam and Nutella.

Mad props to Germany for always having Nutella on hand. You the real MVP.

We ate and chatted for about an hour, sharing stories from the day prior, and laughing hysterically whenever someone would ask, “Did I really do that?” I guess what happens at Oktoberfest stays at Oktoberfest.

Felix and I had our train to catch at 9:50am, so we left breakfast a little after 9am and left for the train station after saying goodbye to the dudes.

Getting to the train station was the easy part.

Figuring out how to purchase tickets? Not so much.

One, there were like, a hundred different kiosks and they all had different purposes.

Two, WHERE WAS THE ENGLISH? Look, I know I’m all up in Germany, but our time there so far had been nearly seamless (aside from the menu incident), but having very little English at a train station…a point of travel… #rude.

We went to a couple of kiosks and thought we were making headway with purchasing tickets before getting to the “Choose your destination” spot and not seeing Fussen anywhere.

At all.

We look up at the departure board and see that the train we want is leaving in 9 minutes, but the destination isn’t available?


I must say, there are very few moments where I feel 100% uncomfortable and 100% unsure of myself. One is when I’m in Sephora and the other was being in this station.

We eventually decided to just pull a number from this machine and wait with a large group of other confused looking humans. It reminded me a lot of waiting at the DMV, but with much less hope.

Train leaves in 7 minutes.

6 minutes.

Finally, our number is called and we run to the desk where this lovely old woman says, “Oh, you’re late.” HAHA REALLY OH. After a couple of minutes, she hands us our train tickets + bus tickets (because after the train we had to catch a bus to the castle) we scream danke and RUN to platform 29.

At first, we couldn’t find it. We saw 28 and 30 and I made a joke that this was like the Hogwarts Express and we’d have to thrust ourselves into a brick wall.


But we didn’t have to do that because we eventually found it, and, naturally, it was the one all the way at the end of the station.

We ran.

Oh, we ran.

And I laughed, because that’s what I do when I’m nervous. Just ask any doctor, casting director, or ex-crush.

When our butts touched down on the seat, the train started moving.

Talk. About. Luck.

I, of course, needed to take a minute to gather myself because I was very stressed and probably wanted more coffee. Felix, on the other hand, just smiles and whips out his Kindle like “just another day!”

He’s cool like that.

I’m not.

After cooling down (the excitement made me work up a sweat #realtalk), I took out my Kindle and continued reading Yes, Please, which is just such a lovely, raw, and honest piece of work. If I could be any blue-eyed, petite blonde, it’d be Amy Poehler.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a family conversing over some food they bought at the train station.

It was a cup of fruit, and they were trying to figure out what kind of fruit it was.

I quickly recognized that it was honeydew melon, which apparently is something they’ve never seen before.

Try it,” one said to another.

Oh! It’s sweet!!

Another member of the family added, “It tastes like some sort of melon.

Right on the money.

Watching this exchange between family members was really sweet, and I might have been the only one to notice on the train. It was pure, you know? Just a pure, sweet moment of people learning something new. It was also cool to see someone who actually liked honeydew melon, because it is demon fruit.

I got back to reading before creepily staring at them again. This time, they were playing charades. Not one of them used their phones. Not one of five. For a two hour train ride, they entertained each other with, well, each other. For a brief moment, I wanted that. Just a simple existence. Of course, I’d still have technology, because hello… Amazon, but what ever happened to just being?

We should all just be.


We made it to Fussen, which is a cute little town and took the twenty minute bus ride to the castle grounds, where we had to walk even further to reach the castle.



Actually, come to think of it, I think we had to take two buses after the train. Getting to this castle was a process.

After exploring the castle grounds a bit, we walked to the place where you get the best views. It’s a little shaky bridge that looks like it can comfortably hold twelve people, and it’s tucked away at the end of a little path that had quite the uphill climb.


Despite the rain…

And despite the burning quads, because they were on fire…

The view was so, so worth it.



Hello, Neuschwanstein.

Enchanting is the right word.

We stayed there admiring the view for as much time as we could before the rain became too much, but I’m so happy we got to see it. Felix has been wanting to travel here for years, so I’m happy one of his dreams came true. Also, fun fact, Sleeping Beauty’s castle was modeled after this one! Ain’t that nifty?


We spent a little more time wandering around and buying little souvenirs before waiting for the bus to bring us back to Fussen, where we caught our train back to Munich for the night.


Dead asleep. Also, please excuse my rain-soaked head. I don’t always look like a drowned rat, I swear.

I also have a new hobby, and it’s taking pictures of Felix whenever he falls asleep. Expect my works to be displayed in all major galleries across America and elsewhere in 2017.

The rest of the evening was spent packing and preparing for our morning flight to Ireland!

But, first we had a layover…


To where, you ask? That’s up next! Stay tuned.


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