My Quarter-Life Crisis Submissions

In case you missed it, you can find my original post “Welcome To My Quarter-Life Crisis” here.


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I’m popping in quickly this morning to 1. say hello and 2. to share an exciting contribution opportunity for my readers!

In my previous post, I talked about going through a quarter-life crisis. As most of you know, I just turned twenty-five, and I have been experiencing career change after career change, which ultimately lead to me asking myself, “Who am I anymore?

Fun fact: That kind of thinking is normal, especially around this age. 


I’m opening up Powered by Sass to YOU. That’s right. You!

Have you ever wanted to write, but didn’t know what to write about?

Have you ever wanted to start a blog, but weren’t sure where to begin?

Have you ever wanted to contribute to something greater than yourself? Something to spark conversation and implement change? 

Me too! That’s why Powered by Sass was created, and that’s why you can have the opportunity to contribute!

I’m asking for reader submissions on your quarter-life crisis. Are you currently experiencing one? Tell me about it! Have you gone through a crisis and come out on the other side even better and stronger than before? Excellent! Let me know! Are you approaching your mid-20’s and having internal freak-outs about potentially waking up one day and feeling lost? Write them down and send them my way.

This contribution opportunity is open to anyone and everyone.

I want to hear your story.

EMAIL ME at with the subject line “Quarter-Life Contribution,” and you just might see your story featured on Powered by Sass! Feel free to include a high-res photo, the name you wish to be attached to your story, and your job title/mini bio.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, September 21st. So you have one week!

I can’t wait to hear about your story!

Have an excellent Wednesday. Crush your goals today.



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