Halfway Through My 20’s: My 25th Birthday Recap

Hello, hello, hello! As promised, I am back with a recap of my 25th birthday! I’ve decided to do it in a High – Low – High format, as seen on Carrots ‘n’ Cake, so let’s get to it.



My day started out with a quick cardio workout at my gym with my boyfriend. We were at the gym by 5:30am and home by 6:15am. Success. While I was getting ready for work, my boyfriend came into the bedroom singing me happy birthday. I turn around to find a lit candle jammed in a banana, which immediately made me laugh. I made a wish, blew out the candles, and continued getting ready for work.


Having to go to work. I really enjoy my job, but a part of me wished Felix and I had the day off so we could go biking and hiking and brunching and all of that fabulous stuff. Work ended up being fun, and it flew by, so it wasn’t really that much of a low. Plus, Labor Day weekend is coming up, which means a long weekend!


Receiving so many wonderful phone calls, texts, and various other birthday wishes. I’ve always been the type to shy away from birthdays, but I definitely felt the love yesterday. I wish I could hug everyone who told me happy birthday in person as a thank you!


The adorable gift my mom sent me, even if it wasn’t up to her standards and she made the company call me and apologize. It was delicious though!


Hearing of Gene Wilder’s passing. It was such a blow. I thought I would avoid bad news this year (my birthday falls on Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Isaac, which were both horrible devastating to my home state of Louisiana), but alas. Gene Wilder is one of my most favorite actors. I love him, so I was terribly sorry to hear he passed away. What a gift to us all. A movie marathon is in order for this weekend, along with reading his book “Kiss Me Like A Stranger,” which I plan to purchase for my Kindle ASAP.


Halloween 2015 – an ode to Dr. Frankenstein 


Coming home from work to find my sneaky boyfriend home early with this spread on the table!


Happy Birthday to me!

Felix totally outdid himself by gifting me a BIKE. Yes! That’s right! A brand new, baby blue bike is on its way to me, and I am just so excited for it! He also bought me a fancy bike lock, a bell (this is an inside joke – I always get so annoyed with “real bikers” who ding their bells at me when passing on the left when I’m not even in the left lane. Now I can do it back. Ha! JOKE IS ON YOU NOW), and a bike light. He also had a beautiful card + a key lime tart. I lucked out with that guy, I tell you.


Not being able to hug my mom in person. We did chat on the phone in the morning where she told me the infamous birth story about how her water broke and she went back to bed… and also how people thought I was three-months old the day I was born. #fatbaby Of course, because we love each other so much and we’re the real life Gilmore Girls, we both started crying, so I had to stop into Starbucks to cheer myself up…


Free Starbucks for my birthday! What a nice surprise!


(Picture from my Instagram!)


Trying out a new-to-us restaurant for my birthday dinner that was also pet-friendly! We went to Sonoma Cellar on King Street and LOVED it. We started off with a glass of wine (rose for me!) and a charcuterie and cheese board, which is always a favorite. It came with delicious honeycomb and guava paste, and we devoured all of it. For our entrees, we ordered the hangar steak with potatoes (delicious) and the shrimp over polenta (also delicious). Sadly, I don’t have pictures, aside from a few. Everything was just too good to wait to snap a photo of! But I will next time…because there will definitely be a next time.


All in all, it was a wonderful birthday that felt very adult. I woke up early, worked out, went to work, went to dinner with two of my favorite guys and snuggled up on the sofa to watch an episode of Friends (and plan for our super awesome undisclosed vacation!) while sharing a key lime tart. I was in bed by 10pm, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s strange how birthdays evolve as you do. Over the past year, I’ve grown into my adulthood and my life reflects that and that’s okay. I enjoy going out and having a few drinks, but partying is no longer of interest to me. I like being in bed by 9pm so I can wake up early, because I am now finding myself becoming a morning person! It’s so quiet and peaceful, and I get some of my greatest ideas in the early morning hours. Plus, coffee. I try not to eat past 9pm, because heartburn. You get the idea.

Last year and the years before, my birthdays would last well into the evening and probably include some sort of mixed drink and karaoke. This year was much different.

I’ve entered a new phase in my life, one that some might not be fond of. Moving, making new friends, starting life over… but it’s been exciting for me and fulfilling. My heart is happy, and that’s what matters.

So today I sit here at age 25, and I can confidently say that I am ready to tackle this year with fervor, grace, and a glass of wine or two. This life is my own, and right now, I am happy.

What do you think?