Tips For Decluttering Your Life

I’m an anxious human. I get stressed out by unfolded laundry, a sink full of dirty dishes is agony, and there is nothing more devastating to me than walking through a bedroom with an unmade bed.

I’m a simple girl. I don’t like stuff. As a matter of fact, if I could live in a tiny studio apartment where I was forced to only own what could fit inside two suitcases, I’d be a happy girl.

I’d feel calm. Weightless. Relaxed.

When I’m surrounded by clutter, every ounce of me feels smothered, especially my creativity.

Before I sat down to type this post, I did a load of laundry, washed dishes, fed the cat, and squished an empty box of Peanut Butter Puffins down so it would fit inside of our trash can. I just wanted it off of the counter. It’s like I sat down and all I could think about what that stupid cereal box taking up precious counter space!

Because I believe clutter is the root of evil, I’m bringing you a collection of tips today on how to declutter your life. You’ll thank me later.

Tips for Decluttering Your Life

  1. Adopt the one minute rule. 
    This is one I learned this morning while listening to the Happier podcast as per my boyfriend’s recommendation. The one minute rule is simple: if you can do something in one minute, do it and get it out of the way. Throwing a load of laundry in took less than one minute, washing my dishes from lunch took less than one minute, feeding the cat took about 1.5 minutes but that’s only because he’s super picky and eats two types of foods and will only eat them if they’re mixed together.
    Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.43.32 PM 
  2. Purge your closets.
    This is something I have zero issue with doing, but I can understand how it’d cause someone stress. Have you ever heard someone say that if you haven’t worn something in a year, throw it away? That couldn’t be more true. Go into your closet and look through your clothes/shoes/accessories. If you see something that you haven’t worn, or something that still has the tags on it (we all do it), put it into a bag and donate it! You don’t need it! It’s only taking up precious space in your closet and making you anxious every time you look at it and think, “Man, I need to wear this.


    Dream closet (because it’s empty)


  3. Don’t fear silence. 
    Aside from physically decluttering your life, it’s equally as important to mentally declutter as well. We are constantly feeding ourselves with news, social media updates, music… you name it, we’re ingesting it. I personally love to catch up on podcasts on my commute to work or while walking the dog, because I like to feel like I’m doing something other than driving or walking, but sometimes it’s nice to just embrace the silence and listen to my own thoughts for a change. Go for a walk and take out your headphones. Listen to the sounds of your city. Bird. Cars. People chatting on the streets. You’ll thank yourself for allowing you to connect with you.


    Looks like fall is in the air!


  4. Keep (and maintain) a to-do list.
    This one is one of my favorites, and I utilize my Reminders app all of the time for it. I am always, always, always thinking. Whether it be about Powered by Sass or an ingredient I need to pick up at the grocery, I’m constantly reminding myself to do something. Keeping a to-do list allows me to have a thought, write it down, and forget about it. Too many thoughts in my head at once overwhelms me. It’s also a visual account of what I have to do, and the act of checking something off my list lifts weight off of my shoulders, therefore decluttering my responsibility folder that’s inside of my head.IMG_7473

Decluttering your life is easier than you’d think. Hopefully these tips helped you get a start on the decluttering process!

Now what are you waiting for? GET TO PURGING!

Question of the Day!

Does clutter stress you out? What are some ways you declutter your life? Share in the comments section below!

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