Ways to Help the Louisiana Flood Victims

It wouldn’t be right if I continued on with today’s planned post of my recap of my weekend in New Orleans in the midst of what’s happening in my home state.

This past weekend, Louisiana was hit with a massive storm that caused severe flooding in areas, one of them being the parish that I lived in from ages 10-17.

Louisiana is in a state of emergency.

Houses were flooded.

Thousands of people are displaced from their homes.

Some don’t even have a home to return to at the end of this.

I feel helpless being here in D.C., but there are ways to help.

If you’re in the Louisiana area, you can drop off food/clothing donations at various locations in your area. Here and here are some places where you can make drop-offs.

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Borrowed from Dirty Coast’s Instagram

If you’re unable to physically make it to a location to donate, I encourage you to make a monetary donation instead, which you can find here for Acadiana Parish. You can also make a donation here for Southeast Louisiana.


My heart breaks for Louisiana and all of the people who are displaced and have lost their homes, cars, and even lives. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you.

I encourage everyone who reads this to give back in some way either by volunteering, donating a case or two of water, or giving that $5 to a disaster relief fund and skipping out on your morning coffee. Every bit helps.

If you can take people into your home and give them a place to lay their head and a warm meal to eat during this treacherous time, I encourage you to do so.

Though this news is completely devastating, my heart swells with pride at the way our state is banding together and helping each other during this rough time.

We’re all in this together.

I’m here if you need me.

Love to you all.


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