Where Does Happiness Come From?


I’ll tell you when you’re older. 

You’ll learn eventually. 

Happiness is one of those feelings that almost everyone chases. Like Pikachu during a game of Pokemon Go, happiness isn’t always easy to find, but it isn’t impossible.

For most people my age, and recent college graduates, happiness can oftentimes feel like a fleeting feeling. We were constantly told that high school would be the best years of our lives, and then college would be the best years of our lives, and then we were told, which is my personal favorite…

Adulthood sucks.


So you’re telling me that when I was a hormonal, awkward, brace-wearing mess in high school, I should have cherished it more because it was the best? 


Advanced Math senior year. I am wearing all blue and have braces. Definitely not the best years of my life.

Or when I was in college switching my major, because I was supposed to determine my future at the age of twenty, I should have just sat down and relished in that joyous moment because there won’t be anymore like it?


FDR Improv Troupe. I was wearing a shirt under my jersey that read “Nintendo Is Cool”

The times where my confidence was at an all time low in my teens, to where I couldn’t even talk to boys, outweighs the freedom of finally accepting my body, personality, and quirks in my 20’s? The freedom of just walking up to someone and saying, “Sup dude,” and not wanting to run away and hide for fear that they wouldn’t like me?

Are you kidding me?

I refuse to believe it.

I refuse to live it.

I refuse to let that bullshit “truth” dictate my attempt to catch Pikachu.

I will never understand people who say that adulthood is the worst thing to have ever happened to them, especially when they’re my age. Becoming an adult is, without a doubt, the scariest thing I have ever done, not to mention the hardest. Purchasing a car was scary, paying for that car is even scarier, the potential of student debt if I want to go back to school looms over my head like something would in Harry Potter, I assume (I’ve only read 1.5 books, so I dunno what happens with that wizardry). But it is the farthest thing from the worst thing.

Since becoming an adult, wonderful things have happened to me.

  • I walked onto the lot of a car dealership and demanded what I wanted and didn’t let a car salesman scare me, though he tried because I am a woman and also a young adult.
  • I had a stable career for one year, which I loved and hated at the same time, but ultimately decided was not the career for me, so I changed it, because I can.
  • I let go of toxic friendships and don’t have to make small talk with them during lunch period, because this is adulthood, and there is no lunch period.
  • I’ve prioritized me, which is just the absolute GREATEST thing one can do for themselves.
  • If I want to go buy a donut for breakfast, I go buy a donut for breakfast without consulting my mom who would have to actually agree to breakfast donuts + drive me there.
  • I become more and more like me every single day, and the best part about that is I actually like myself.

What I’m saying, 20-somethings, is that these years? These years are the best years of our lives. 

Not high school and sweating over who would ask you to prom.

Not college when you didn’t know which sorority to pledge (which, ZTA, obvi).


“Love, the greatest of all things.”

Growing up isn’t a milestone to mourn. It’s a milestone to embrace.

I want everyone reading this to take out a pen and paper. Or just open the notes app on your iPhones, because who actually writes with pens anymore? NOT ME.

Open your notes app, and at the top of the list, type “What Makes Me Happy?”

Now fill it out.

Don’t let it be daunting.

Fill it out.

What makes you happy?

Playing basketball? Write it down.

Cooking a meal for your friends? Write it down (and invite me to your house for dinner).

Discovering new ways to incorporate kale into your diet? Great! Someone has to enjoy doing that. I’m happy it’s you! Write it down!

Once you have a hefty list of things that make you happy, I challenge you to pursue them and add them back into your life if you’ve recently let them go.

Find your happiness.

It comes from you.

You are the boss of your own life.

As cliche as it is to say that happiness comes from you, it’s just the truth. If you aren’t happy with yourself, and if you can’t bring yourself joy first, how can you expect someone or something else to?

You know who you are.

You know what you like.

You know how you like it.

So write it all down or type it out, rather.

Make it happen.

Go out into the world and find your Pikachu.

Because it’s there waiting for you.

It might be in a bush in someone else’s yard, and you might get yelled at for trespassing. It might even be sitting on top of your dinner at a nice restaurant. But who cares? Wherever it is, it’s yours. It’s for you.

So go out there and catch it.

Catch ’em all.

What do you think?