Why Would You Want to Date Someone in the Military?

The infamous question of why would you want to date someone in the military has come up a few times in my year with Felix. Whether it’s from someone else asking me or me asking myself, I often find myself pondering this question quite a bit.

Why would you want to date someone in the military?

Why would you want to move every 2-3 years?

Why would you want to sacrifice time with your family and friends for a boy?

Thankfully, for my sake and everyone else’s, I haven’t been asked these questions too much. For starters, it’s a little rude. And two, it’s none of your business. I don’t ask you why you want to date a fireman or a police officer or a doctor.

I remember one instance of a friend’s mom telling me that if I married someone in the military, my life would be over, which was jarring. For the record, I didn’t believe her in the least. Since dating Felix, I feel as though a new part of my life has just begun.

I, like most significant others of dudes/ladies in the military, had and have a LOT of questions about this life. So if you’re new to this whole military thing, you’re not the only one. Hello and welcome. Nice to meet you.

Although I don’t have the answers to everything (it’s only a matter of time, since I’m such a KNOW IT ALL), I do have the answers to some things. And those things I will share.

So, without further ado, here are all of my answers to the question why would you want to date someone in the military? Mind you, this is all from my perspective and my experiences dating an Airman.

  1. Because they love our country enough to sacrifice their time, safety, and well-being in order to serve our nation and its people. That is ADMIRABLE, y’all.
  2. Because HAVE YOU SEEN THE UNIFORMS? I mean, like…


    Felix’s promotion ceremony. Congrats, Captain!

  3. Because they have a noble career.
  4. Because they’re ambitious.
  5. Because they’re hard workers and value work ethic.
  6. Because they’re patient. Especially Felix. Let’s just say I’m enough emotion, right brain, and sass for one household. Thank goodness for his patience. Truly.
  7. Because they’re understanding. See #6.
  8. Because they’re interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. Hello, PT tests.
  9. Because they have standards, not just for themselves, but the people they surround themselves with. This one is huge. When you’re in the military, and especially when you’re a leader in the military, you have to uphold yourself and the people you surround yourself with to a certain standard. I like that. No, I love that.
  11. Because they appreciate what they have. Because you never know when it can all change.
  12. Because they are well-groomed. Three cheers for the lumberjack look. Rock it if you’ve got it. But I’m all about the freshly shaved and kempt look nowadays.
  13. Because they know how to polish shoes. Maybe this one is just me being selfish because one time I had salt all over my new black boots and Felix polished them and now they’re perfect.
  14. Because they’re leaders. I like a strong personality, so this works out just great.
  15. Because they’re disciplined. Comes in handy when the alarm goes off at 5:15, and I’m like, “HAHA YOU WANT ME TO WORKOUT RIGHT NOW?” And he’s all “yea.”
  16. Because they get to go to military balls and dining outs and if you’re dating them, you get to go too. Dressing up + mingling + food. Do I really need to say more?
  17. Because they love to travel. Partly because they have to, and partly because when you’re in the military, you’re exposed to so many different places and cultures. The world is huge. We must see it!

    Hiking with my dudes. This is also the day Tuki ate an armadillo. R.I.P.

  18. Because they have manners. Gone are the days where I date a guy who doesn’t treat me nicely or doesn’t say please. Like, get a grip. Sit down. But not next to me.
  19. Because they know how to iron. #priorities
  20. Because they live in the moment. Felix and I had a conversation last night about cherishing the moments that we do have together instead of feeling sad in those moments knowing another long workday is coming. It’s true. Yes, he works long hours. Yes, sometimes he works six days a week. But I get to see my dude when he wakes up and when he goes to sleep and on Saturdays and Sundays, and I’m going to make those moments the best moments.

    Felix surprised me by meeting my mom and me in New York!

I could honestly keep going.

Dating in the military is hard. It just is. It’s not for everyone, and sometimes I tell myself it’s not for me. But I’m wrong. This life is for me, because it’s a life spent with a guy that I would share my Sun Chips with. And I don’t just share Sun Chips.


So I guess the better question to ask is why wouldn’t you want to date someone in the military?

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