Milwaukee, Wisconsin Recap: Part Two

If you’re just tuning in, you can find part one of my Milwaukee recap here.


Saturday morning began bright and early. Despite the late night, Felix and I were up with the birds. I blame our typical 5:30am wake-ups during the week. We rolled out of bed (literally – headaches) and showered and got ready for the day while waiting for Melissa and Zach to wake up. The morning eventually lead us to Colectivo where we had breakfast and swooned over the neighborhood dogs.

Although breakfast provided us with delicious food and coffee, we had one thing and one thing only on our minds: bloody marys. In Wisconsin, bloody marys are served with a side of beer, which I initially thought was the weirdest thing, but have since come to love.

We found ourselves at the Safe House, which is an “underground” bar + restaurant that you need a top secret password for entry. We didn’t know the password. Like, at all, so we were forced to stand against a wall and perform a kick line in the style of A Chorus Line for entry, which I thought was hilariously wonderful.

Before we knew it, the secret passageway was opened and we were wandering down a hall that lead to a bar and restaurant. We grabbed a couple seats at the bar and each enjoyed a bloody mary, plus our side of beer and an order of cheese curds, which I was told I could not leave Wisconsin without.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the fried cheese curds. They just reminded me of miniature mozzarella sticks, but I will say the fried food + drinks definitely helped kick the mini-hangover (I think I was just exhausted, to be honest) to the curb.


After leaving Safe House, we met up with Lindsay and Johnny and walked to a German beer garden to watch some soccer (Germany v. Italy) while eating our weight in pretzels, bratwursts, and hefeweizen. Some things you should know about me:

  1. I am of German ancestry, which means this was a perfect situation. Not only was I stuffing my face with carbs in multiple forms (pretzels, beer, beer cheese for my pretzels), but I was also cheering for Germany to win.
  2. I have never had an interest in soccer until Felix made me create a bracket for both Copa America and the Euros this year. Now I am a professional soccer game watcher, and I know everything there is to know.
  3. Three-fourths of #2 is a downright lie.

After the LONGEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF GAMES, Germany won in penalties. In penalties? With penalties? #professional

After the game, we made our way to the bar for a shuttle wristband that would take us to… drumroll please…



I might get disowned by a lot of my friends and over half of New Orleans by saying this, but I stand by it.

I do not like music festivals.

I don’t know if it’s the lines, the crowds of people, the really expensive cotton candy or what, but they are just not my bag.

This festival was fun, though. There was copious amounts of kettle corn, a golfing contest which all of the dudes entered, and Nelly.

That’s right.



I saw Nelly.

It was a highlight.

Billy Idol was also there, but he was a creep who took his shirt off. Also, it was really disappointing for Felix, because the weeks leading up to Summerfest, he thought Billy Joel was playing the whole time until I finally broke the news that Billy Joel was definitely not going to be in attendance.

We left Summerfest relatively early because our flight Sunday morning left at 8:30, so we said our goodbyes with Nelly playing in the background, which was kind of epic.

An Uber ride later, and we were in the living room (aka our makeshift bedroom) with Melissa and Zach chatting for one last time before we all went our separate ways in the morning.


Sunday was a day of traveling. We didn’t get home until around 4:30pm. We dropped off our bags before heading out to pick up the pup from his Rover family, and I think we spent the rest of the evening eating salad from Harris Teeter and detoxing with peppermint tea.

All in all, we had an absolutely wonderful time in Milwaukee. It was both of our first times in the city, and hopefully it won’t be our last! I love having the opportunity to explore new places, especially with my travel partner who makes everything fun.

Luckily, Felix and I were both off the next day, because it was the fourth of July.

But more importantly, it was our one year anniversary.

Recap coming soon. 🙂

What do you think?