Milwaukee, Wisconsin Recap!

So in my last post, I promised you guys I’d have a recap of my time in Milwaukee, WI. Because I am a lady of my word, I have it for you today! Happy Wednesday!


On Thursday, June 30th, Felix and I hopped a plane to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to celebrate the nuptials of his friend Scotty and his now beautiful bride Karen.


He loves me, I swear.

After a couple of plane rides and a pit stop in Chicago, we landed in Wisconsin around 11:30am and were greeted by the groom himself, Scotty! This was my first time meeting Scotty, and I must say, what a gentleman. He was my first introduction to the true niceness of Wisconsinians? (… Wisconsiners…?), which was overall such a breath of fresh air!

After swinging by Men’s Warehouse so Felix could pick up his tux, we went to a little pub for lunch while we waited for other friends to arrive. About an hour later, Melissa and Jessica (two of Felix and Scotty’s other friends – they all met in the Air Force) and their boyfriends arrived. We had a full table, and I had a great time chatting with everyone and getting to know some of Felx’s most cherished friends over a couple Spotted Cows, which were seriously so delicious.

After lunch, we went immediately to the rehearsal for the ceremony at Zilber Park, steps from the Pabst Brewery where the reception would take place. The space was so beautiful and perfect for a wedding. There were rows of seats and an aisle down the middle that lead to a grassy hill where the officiant and groom would be waiting, flanked by their wedding party. I watched in excitement as the wedding party rehearsed and couldn’t help but imagine what exactly the bride and groom were thinking as they practiced their vows!

Zilber Park

Zilber Park – you can kind of see the setup!

After that was the rehearsal dinner, which was a nice and relaxing evening of grilled hot dogs, burgers, and beer (PBR, of course!) at Jacobus Park.

After leaving the dinner, Felix and I took an Uber downtown to meet with Melissa and Jessica, plus their boyfriends Zach and Jeff, for a final Spotted Cow before heading off to our Airbnb for some rest…

…unfortunately, when we got to our Airbnb, we noticed that our room didn’t have much ventilation. Despite being from New Orleans (or as I like to call it Land o’ the Humidity), I could not take the heat. So after brainstorming what we should do, we ultimately decided that moving the mattresses from the bed into the living room would be the best. Thanks again to Melissa and Zach for their help and, of course, to Felix for his understanding. If there was one thing in life I could wish for, aside from being Tina Fey’s #1 best friend forever, it would be that heat didn’t make me a cranky, intolerable disaster. But alas.


I’d say the first success of the day was waking up in a comfortable temperature! The birds chirping by the large living room window didn’t hurt either. The second success of the day was walking a few blocks down to my favorite coffee shop in Milwaukee, Colectivo, for much needed iced coffee + early breakfast.


I became completely obsessed with this place. We went every morning during our stay. I even bought a Nalgene, coffee to take home (which I’m having now!), and three stickers. Not only was their food good (I ate more baked oatmeal and quiche there than I’d like to admit), but their coffee was seriously delicious. They know what’s up, for sure. #coffeesnob

Breakfast #2 came later in the morning when the others were awake. We went to this deli that I can’t remember the name of, but we were all pleased with our meals! I ordered a cobb salad, and I just want to shout it out to dining establishments of the world that use actual lettuce as their salad base. Ain’t nobody got time for iceberg. Don’t pull a Titanic and curveball me like that.

Felix left around 12:30pm to meet up with the groom and other groomsmen, because today was the wedding day! The rest of us hung back and took a little walk in the neighborhood and researching homes on Zillow. $3 million for a home right by the water? POCKET CHANGE. Speaking of the water, we ended up with this view about a mile out from our Airbnb…

Miwaukee, WI

How BEAUTIFUL is that? Breathtaking. I wished so badly that Felix could’ve been there to see it!

We started getting ready for the wedding and met up with Jessica and Jeff at their hotel before calling an Uber to Zilber Park/Pabst Brewery for the ceremony and reception! Here, I met one of Felix’s other friends from the Air Force, Lindsay and her husband Johnny. We had perfect seats with a beautiful view, and despite the predicted forecast of scattered showers, it ended up being the most beautiful day. Sunny, not too hot, and all around perfect.

I don’t have any pictures from the ceremony, since it was unplugged, but it was beautiful, of course. I actually loved the idea of not allowing phone use during the ceremony. Too many weddings are littered with people on their phones, and if I get married one day, I just might adopt the unplugged idea so my guests can live in the moment instead of having their noses buried in their phones.

The ceremony was at 3pm, and by 4pm, we were having a pre-cocktail cocktail hour inside the Best Place at the Pabst Brewery! Although there was complimentary PBR, I stuck with my old standby of Makers and diet for the evening, which is always a good choice in my opinion!


Five o’clock rolled around, which was the actual start of the cocktail hour. Food was brought out, more drinks were had, and though Felix wasn’t around much (he was taking wedding party photos + kicking butt as the best man), I had the best time circled around a table with his friends and their SO’s. Plus, one of Felix’s friends, Jessica, went to the gift shop at the brewery and surprised me with this awesome koozie after hearing me say that I sort of “collect” them. How cool is this?!


A “paper bag” koozie

Around 6 o’clock, we were told to make our way into the dining area for dinner, which, again, was beautiful. We were all seated at table 10, right next to the wedding party table. I liked this for a couple reasons: 1. We were close to the food and desserts and 2. I could still make eyes at my guy without being that creep winking from across the dining room. I was just that creep winking from the table next door instead.

Dinner was sausage, breaded chicken, potatoes and green beans. There were also a couple of bottles of wine and a bread basket on the table for us to share.

While we ate, I got to know Felix’s friends more, which was so much fun. There were also speeches given by the maids of honor and the best men. Felix’s was my favorite, but the maids of honor were a close second!

After we had cake, the dining tables were cleared away and my favorite part of weddings was underway: THE DANCING.

From 8:00pm to midnight, we danced and danced and danced some more. And it was awesome.

reception 1

A truly remarkable dance partner. I am impressed.

reception 2

Felix’s Air Force friends. From left to right: Lindsay, Scotty (groom), Felix (my dude), Melissa and Jessica

By the time the last song rolled around (the Wobble, which I HAPPILY wobbled to), we were ready to go to sleep. At that point, my shoes had been off for about an hour, and I was exhausted, as was everyone else. Scotty and Karen’s wedding was a total blast, and it’s one I’ll remember for a long time to come! Though I just met them, I know they’re a wonderful couple and deserve all of the happiness, and I’m very happy I was able to celebrate such a wonderful union.

After saying goodnight to everyone, we hopped in an Uber and made our way back to the Airbnb to rest up for the night. I don’t think I’ve ever washed my face and changed into my pajamas that quickly in my life. The lights were out, and I passed out on the mattresses on the living room floor.

Up next is a recap of Saturday-Sunday in Milwaukee and how we spent our Fourth of July back in Virginia!

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