New Beginnings for Powered by Sass

Lying awake in bed at 5:30am brainstorming ideas to make your blog better is normal, right?

What should my logo be?

I need a new tagline.

How can I monetize Powered by Sass?

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

In truth, I’ve been wanting to implement these changes for awhile on my blog, and I think I’m finally ready to take the plunge.

Step one: buying my own domain, which I am 98% sure I will do through WordPress because I’m familiar with it. Any other ideas out there for technologically-challenged writers like myself?

Step two: create a logo for my blog. Calling all graphic designer friends!

Step three: come up with a new tagline. Currently it’s “inside the mind of an overworked, underpaid, theatre-loving New Orleanian,” which I love, but is no longer accurate for my life and also what I blog about. I am still theatre-loving, and I am still underpaid, but I don’t currently live in New Orleans. I write about empowering women, being your true self, how delicious chocolate is, recaps of my day and what I do, etc. My tagline basically has to scream, “I am a funny lady who loves brownies and also has your back.” Any ideas?

I’ll need an About Me page, a page dedicated to other blogs in which I’ve contributed, and of course a page dedicated to my main gal, Meryl whose birthday was yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEST FRIEND.

I’m really excited about this, to be honest. I love writing. If I could just write and write and write all day long and look at my bank account and be like, “boss status,” I’d be happy. But baby steps. Every great thing starts with an idea. I just have to remind myself that ideas must be executed.

If any of my readers have an idea, suggestion, comment, please send them my way. You can comment on this post, shoot me a Facebook message, or send a naughty picture to my cell shoot me a text.

Before closing out this post, there are three people I’d like to thank. In no particular order, I partially owe this boost in inspiration to the following:

  1. Mindy Kaling for your ever inspiring humor, easy-to-read (and also very enjoyable) novels that make me laugh out loud poolside and also inside on the couch, and for your TV show, which is not only hilarious, but also heartfelt and touching, and I desperately want to be a part of it. This is me begging and pleading for just one line on your show at any given time. Really, I’ll drop absolutely anything. Hot dinner date? See ya. Golf with Barack? Ain’t got time. Free tour of any chocolate factory really + lifetime supply of chocolate? Well, we’ll dialogue.
  2. Megan Tan from Millennial for being transparent, charming, and inspiring, even when you weren’t sure you were. Thank you for taking that leap of faith in creating your podcast. I am a fan.
  3. Dolores from the elevator that lives on the 19th floor. Thanks for telling me you loved me yesterday. Even though it was the first time I met you, and I literally do not deserve your love in the least, it made my afternoon. Also, you were wearing a cool hat. And I respect that, Dolores.

You all have a fantastic Thursday. And always remember, just like Dolores does me…

I love you.


What do you think?