A Summer To-Do List: 2016

Happy first day of summer, everyone! If you haven’t started eating daily snowballs, spraying lemon juice in your hair for “natural highlights” and shoving an upside down bottle of Tito’s into a watermelon yet, I encourage you to get up and get to the produce aisle stat. It’s summertime. We have shit to do.


Every summer, I write up a post about stuff I want to do. In the past, I’ve included things like try a new workout class, travel solo, make a new friend, etc. This summer is no different, and on the first day of the most scorching season of the year, where we wear slutty bikinis and constantly smell like sunscreen and Citronella candles, I happily present you with my Summer To-Do List: 2016 edition.

You can find my 2014 and 2015 editions here and here.

  1. Make my health my top priority. This one seems shallow, but aside from looking smokin’ in said slutty bikini, I also want to feel my best. I’ve recently become a new member of a pretty baller gym, and I have constant access to amazing workout equipment and, my most favorite, unlimited classes ranging from my beloved spin to barre and body pump. I’m also continuing to eat well and balance my kale intake with my weekend beer binges when I happen to find myself in Staten Island breweries like I did this past Saturday. These guys seriously know what they’re doing with the Roggenfest. I had like, four thousand. It’s all about balance.
  2. Get my daily dose of Vitamin D. In keeping with the healthier me goal of my summer/lifetime, I pledge to give myself the gift of sunlight this summer. Just fifteen minutes a day not only gives you the daily dose of Vitamin D, but also improves your mood and lifts your spirits. In a world where we’re constantly being fed horrible news and comparing ourselves to other people and setting unrealistic expectations, the least we can do is cultivate a healthy home for ourselves, and I believe that starts from within.
  3. Cut back on social media. Bobby Boucher’s mom was wrong when she said fooseball was of the devil. Social media is. Lately, I have been taking a step back from posting and checking my social media accounts simply because I don’t care. It isn’t real. What is real is my daily life and the people in it. The people that I see and talk to and keep up with. Not what my high school crush ate for lunch that day or how many likes the funny girl from my Current Social Issues college class got on her status about Trump. No one cares. And those that do are either a) killing time on the toilet or b) too unmotivated to go create their own moments and memories.
  4. Travel. This one is always on there. Without fail. So far this summer, I’ve spent a weekend in New York City, and I’ll be traveling to Wisconsin for a wedding in July. This doesn’t include exploring my new ‘hood here in Virginia. I wouldn’t mind taking a short three-day cruise somewhere or even just spend the day at a new-to-me beach, which brings me to…
  5. Sailing. Never been. Want to go. I live a block away from the Potomac, and people are always out on their sailboats and it looks like a dream. If there is a way to spend a Sunday afternoon, that has to be it. I mean, obviously I’d much rather spend my Sunday afternoon sipping mimosas and eating brunch with my gaggle of comedienne crushes, but I’m being somewhat realistic with this to-do list. But, in all truth, if any of you know Mindy, Tina, or Amy, can you please let me know? I promise they’ll love me.
  6. Watch more sports. I’ve been semi-keeping up with soccer lately, because my boyfriend convinced me to make Copa America and Euro brackets. Let’s just say that, as of now, I am extraordinarily disappointed in Mexico, BECAUSE I WAS TRULY ROOTING FOR YOU HOMBRES. Also you ruined my bracket and now Felix has bragging rights over me because Chile won, and I’m not pleased. Anyway. Go USA. I have also watched a couple basketball games here and there, and while I am very happy for the Cavs, I just was really rooting for Golden State, and I honestly don’t even know why. Maybe because Steph Curry is just so cute and small? Or maybe because LeBron James looks like a total meaniehead. I’m sure he’s very nice in person. Baseball is still boring as hell.
  7. Write more. I need to make blogging a habit, and I need to begin to compile my book, which is now years in the making. I’ve read that’s normal. I think. Or maybe I’m just an extreme procrastinator, which could be the case and would explain why I have yet to finish hanging up some of my clothing and also why my nails look like they’ve been put through a wood chipper.
  8. Solidify a plan for my future… or be well on my way towards doing that. A couple of months ago, I was dead set on medical school. I’m currently registered for a summer course that begins in one week that is the beginning to my three-semester long med school prerequisite plan. Then I began to consider nursing, because it’s still in the medical field and also travels well, and I like traveling (except when the Cavs do it on the court and it doesn’t even get called out BUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME). Now I’m considering taking the summer off of school completely and just exist for awhile, which sounds rejuvenating but also incredibly stupid because I will be wasting time. Despite being a procrastinator, wasting time is one of my least favorite things.
  9. Join an improv troupe. This one kind of goes with #9. I am a very creative person by nature. I love entertaining people, I love making people laugh, so one would assume I’d be on a troupe. The sad reality is that I haven’t since I was in college and that needs to change. Luckily, in D.C., there are a good many opportunities for standup and comedy. I’m very eager to explore!
  10. Change something about my appearance. This could be a shorter haircut, different hair color, new style of makeup. Whatever it may be, I’d like something to be different.
  11. Change something about my attitude. Less road range. Less of a potty mouth. Less critical.

If you haven’t, create a summer to-do list of your own. You’d be surprised to discover the things you’re actually interested in doing and even more surprised to find at the end of the summer how much you actually accomplished.

Cheers to the summertime. May it be filled with sunscreen, great Kindle reads, and really delicious wine for a very reasonable price, because mama got a budget.

What do you think?