Thoughts On A Thursday

  1. My teaching day is over. HOORAY. I have thirty minutes left of this workday, and I am enthralled. All that stands in the way of me + the beach + my boy is one more workday and two classes.
  2. I gave my students pop quizzes all week and it brought me joy. I have no idea why. Their little faces when they knew the answers were almost as enjoyable as their faces when they didn’t.
  3. One of my 3rd grade students answered the question “Who is William Shakespeare” with “William Shakesbeer is airpline flights.” Not quite sure what she was going with here. Shakesbeer, like our Play Club NOLA event? A flight of beer? Airplanes? What?
  4. I have come down with a case of the sniffles, and I am not pleased. I’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose all day for the past two days. This is so foreign to me (if anything ails me, it’s almost always stomach related), so I have no idea what to do when a sneeze strikes. I didn’t even own Kleenex, and now they’re my best friend.
  5. Shark Week ruins lives. Interpret this how you will.
  6. Anyone have any beach cocktail recommendations? I’m a beer fan, but not the bloating. I’m a whiskey drinker, but that seems weird for the beach. Cocktail suggestions anyone? Where my bartender friends at?
  7. Is it age appropriate for 5th graders to be singing Little Einsteins? I’m overhearing the kids at my school singing it, and they’re too old for that, aren’t they?
  8. I’ve been making a solid attempt at watching my sugar intake, and that’s hilarious because Easter was like four days ago and sugar is life, but I’m doing kind of well, except for the fact that all I can currently think about is how much I want a double scoop of Creole Creamery‘s lavender honey and petit four ice cream right now.

That’s all I’ve got. Have a nice Thursday, and cheers to it being almost Friday!

What do you think?