For Flip’s Sake: On Making A Choice

It’s 8:40am on Friday morning, and I’m already asking myself two questions:

  1. Why didn’t I put more peanut butter on my oatmeal?
  2. When will people stop worrying about others and worry about themselves instead?

Heavy shit, right? TGIF.

We currently live in a world of people saying “You do you,” and then judging a person for “doing them,” and I am FLIPPING sick of it.

I absolutely do not know what makes a person think that it is their right to state how another human being should be living their lives, unless the other human is living in a way that is physically harming a living being or causing danger in any way to society.

Back. The FLIP. Off.

So you’re a working woman who is the primary bread winner for your family. One, props. I think that is wonderful. I, too, am a working woman, and I provide for myself and it feels damn great. Two, stop shaming women who do not have money-paying jobs and who choose to stay at home and raise their children. Just stop it.

Why is it so wrong for a woman to CHOOSE to stay at home and raise her kids, cook for her family, and wash a load of laundry? The answer is it isn’t. Just like there is nothing wrong with a woman waking up every single morning, fixing her hair and makeup (or not, remember “you do you”) and going to work to make money to live.

You know what else is okay? For a woman to not have children. I KNOW RIGHT? HOW DARE A WOMAN NOT WANT TO REPRODUCE? Because it’s her choice. Maybe she doesn’t want to be a mother because she doesn’t feel like she wants kids. Or maybe she wants to focus on her career. Or maybe it’s none of these and she just doesn’t want a child. And that’s alright. Because, to some women, life is not all about having to raise children. To some, it is.

I don’t understand the divide here, not only within society, but within the female gender. Why are we so against each other while claiming to be for each other? How can you possibly be for women, but you judge women for how they live their lives and shame their views and lives?

I think instead of having this specific and set view of how women should be living their lives, I believe we, as women, should focus on the fact that we have the choice on how we live our lives.

We have a damn choice.

Can we all come together and rejoice in that for a second? Because I’m pretty sure that we are all very thankful that we have a choice.

Stop choosing to shame. Stop choosing to break down. Stop choosing to make someone feel less than a woman because of a specific viewpoint she has.

Instead, choose to support, uplift, and encourage your fellow females.

And for the love of all things holy or not (#YouDoYou), focus on your own flipping life and stop interjecting into lives of those who never asked for your input anyway, because while you’re choosing to spend your valuable time worrying about someone else and wasting your energy on people other than those you love, I guarantee they are choosing to do the opposite.

What do you think?