The Year of Yes

Last night, I purchased Shonda Rhimes’ “The Year of Yes” for my Kindle. Since I’m getting into a more routine schedule, I’d like to reintroduce reading for pleasure into my daily life. I started reading Harry Potter last September (I’ve never read it before – now’s your time to judge me), but once I started rehearsing for “Sonata for Four Hands,” I had to stop so I could focus on learning lines. After the show closed, I was thrown into holiday preparations for Thanksgiving, then planning a Winter Showcase at my school, then Christmas and New Years and traveling to Virginia and D.C. Now I’m back in New Orleans, falling back into a routine, and finding a little extra free time on my hands that I’d like to fill with something productive, educational, and not social media. Enter: reading (…and binge-watching HIMYM).

I haven’t read much about “The Year of Yes,” aside from knowing it’s an account of an entire year’s worth of saying yes as told by Shonda Rhimes, who is the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, aka she can do no wrong and I trust her with my life. So I bought it. And I will begin reading it today. I am very excited.

After reading a brief summary about her book on Amazon, I started thinking about what all I could make happen this year simply by saying yes more often. I’m a maybe type of girl. I don’t like commitment of any kind. I hate signing contracts, I don’t like making set plans, and dinner reservations make me nervous because what if I don’t feel like eating a charcuterie plate on the evening of January 17th at 8pm at Bacchanal? I mean, I will ALWAYS feel like eating a charcuterie plate at Bacchanal, but you know what I mean.

I want to say yes more.

I want to make plans and stick with them.

I want to live my life, and I have been, but I want to live it more.

So I am, and I will.

This Saturday morning, I committed to a brunch with the board members of Play Club NOLA, a play reading club that meets once monthly to network and read scripts! After that, I’ll meet with another friend to purge unnecessary items from our closets and homes…while drinking daiquiris. Next Tuesday after work, I committed to a coffee and yoga date with a friend I haven’t seen in ages.

And this is just the beginning.

Because I say so.

And this is my life.

As I read “The Year of Yes,” I’ll check back in with the blog to give my two cents, post motivational quotes, etc., because I firmly believe that 2016 can be everyone’s year.

Last year was difficult, and I know I’m not the only one who faced hardships, and I know 2016 won’t be entirely smooth either. With a new year comes a fresh mindset, and I’m turning my life over to the power of saying yes and living and loving and learning.

And I know you can too.

What do you think?