A Darn Good Day

Not to be confused with a damn fine day, but a darn good day is nearly there.

Let’s begin with the morning.

I actually woke up on time for the first time since getting back from Virginia. A win! At 6:59am (a new record), I was out the door with my coffee, laptop bag, and gingham print lunchbox full of “filling and healthy meals” in my hand. I should mention that I wished it was full of double chocolate chip cookies the ENTIRE DAY. It wasn’t. It was flipping sweet potatoes and chicken breast. ANYWAY.

I get to work and take my mark for morning carpool duty. Five minutes later, me and the other teacher got bored cuz ain’t no one showed up, so we went inside.

My first class at 8am on Wednesdays is 7th grade. This particular group is never enthusiastic about anything, and it kills me. It drains the life out of me to try to get three awkward teens excited for theatre, and half the time, I throw my hands up in the air and yell, “JAMESON. STAT.” But the lunch ladies are always like “Wut?”


Today, my lethargic 7th grade turds had fun. THEY HAD FUN. They smiled! And laughed! And even comprehended the lesson, which was cold reading, and QUOTED ME WORD FOR WORD IN THEIR JOURNALS. I couldn’t believe it.

I considered that a small victory. Then, one of them gave me attitude and I was like “Ok bye y’all,” but for like fifteen whole consecutive minutes, I truly loved them.

My other two classes were equally as great. I warmed up with my students and played the improv game “Change” and lead the mirror exercise and even talked about life’s problems and turned into a mentor for my 8th grade girls. It was pretty great.

Last class was canceled due to a work meeting, then I had afternoon carpool duty. Again, boring, but me and the other teacher did talk about our mutual love affair with Nothing Bundt Cakes, so that was cool. We bonded. It’s what humans do.

As soon as 3:30 rolled around, I hightailed it out of there and made my way to the gym for the infamous leg day. I’m doing Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program with Felix (yes, even though he lives in Virginia, we’re following the same plan to hold each other accountable and also so I can have someone to complain to about lat pull downs and cable flies if that’s even a thing (I rly don’t think it is)), and today was leg day. It was fun! It made me feel powerful, which is always a welcome feeling since there’s so much bullshit in this world that can make you feel so damn small.

I’m also reconnecting with my friends this week and making plans. It’s warming my heart, because I’ve missed them. Life throws you curveballs and sometimes you don’t always get to see the people that mean the most to you. But this year, I’m changing that. I’m saying yes to more of the good stuff and purging the bad. So, like, yes to King Cake and hell no to tripe soup, amirite?

Speaking of King Cake, Carnival season is among us here in New Orleans, and to say I’m thrilled is an understatement. I have every single parade that I love penciled into my planner and now I’m planning which ones I’ll go to with my girlfriends. I cannot wait! Mardi Gras is SUCH a fun time down here. Everyone is so spirited, you eat king cake for every meal and wash it down with beer, and you can wear a cape, mask, tutu, and glitter all in one outfit and it’s considered normal. Best holiday ever. Plus, I’m off work the entire week of Mardi Gras because my school is on a parade route and I wouldn’t be able to get to work. #nolapublicschoolblessing

I came home, ate, watched HIMYM, sent out some emails, scheduled headshots, scheduled a work brunch with some gal pals, and now I’m blogging with my second cup of green tea.

It was a good day. I had to document it.

Keep on keeping on. Lots of love and king cake to you all.

What do you think?