Old Town Alexandria: Day One

Good afternoon! I’m coming at you from Alexandria, VA in the fanciest hotel I have ever stayed, Hotel Monaco. Felix, the pets and I are staying here for a couple of days before moving a couple blocks down to his apartment for (hopefully) the next 2 years. Crazy.

On Saturday morning, we packed our bags and loaded up the car to embark on quite the journey – a two-day road trip from New Orleans to Virginia for Felix’s new job. For those of you who don’t know, Felix is in the Air Force and spent the past three years living in New Orleans studying law at Tulane. Now that law school is over and he’s officially a licensed attorney, he got back into the Air Force and has been stationed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Pretty neat stuff.

I must say that all of this might sound like gibberish. I’m still confused as to how a lot of it works (What do the different ribbons on a uniform mean? Why do you have to move so often? Why do some people live on base and others don’t?) I feel like a sponge just wanting to absorb everything about this experience, and luckily, I have two weeks to do so!

I joined Felix on the drive up and will be staying with him here through January 2nd as he settles into a new apartment, job and life. I figure he could use the help, and I’m also off of work, so why not? Plus, I read this area is BEAUTIFUL this time of year, and after exploring the town for hours this morning and walking nearly five miles, I’ve discovered that it is.

It’s magical.

I’ll be checking in periodically to write up some recaps from my adventures and discoveries. Some things to note already:

  1. Everyone is very friendly.
  2. I want to walk on cobblestone streets every single day for the rest of my life.
  3. Room service rocks.

Til next time, you guys.


Kaitlyn the Explorer

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