Dying to Travel


I don’t know whatthehell is up with me lately, but I am aching for some traveling adventures. Aching. Just typing that made my stomach turn and my heart race. Hopefully it wasn’t the dragon fruit Bai5 I just drank. Yikes.

I just recently discovered this blog that I’ve become pretty obsessed with, and the author and her husband travel everywhere. They lived in Germany for three years and have traveled to Italy, Greece, London, Morocco, just to name a few. Be still, my heart. Never have I wanted to 1) live in Germany and 2) travel EVERYWHERE until now. Like, I need a permanent sub at work just so I can hop on a plain, train, automobile, and get the heck out.

I have two little trips coming up in the near future, one being Gatlinburg, TN in December for a Christmas vacation with my family that will be nothing short of a National Lampoons remake. The second is a weekend trip to NYC at the end of January to handle some undisclosed business. I’m very much looking forward to both, but my heart is set on overseas.

I’ve always loved traveling. Getting out of town for a little while is the most exciting thing ever to me. Though I love routine and structure and also familiar surroundings, what I love even more is living outside of my comfort zone.

I’m ready for an adventure. Not sure what kind. Not sure when. Not sure where. All I know is that I’m ready for one.


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