Happy November: A Month to Feel Thankful

What about the holidays makes everyone so thankful all of a sudden? Is it the crisp breeze circulating outside? The fun, festive activities? The thanks in Thanksgiving?

Speaking for myself, I often find myself thinking, “I’m really blessed/lucky/hungry/thankful,” but around this time of year, I find myself constantly thinking it. I think the cooler weather and shades of orange and yellow does something to me, because I physically feel different. Physically, I feel more thankful.

I’ll be running outside, and I’m thankful for a body that allows me to move.

I’ll crack a joke, and I’m thankful for a brain that’s quick-witted.

I’ll be slipping into a food coma, and I’m thankful for a stomach that can expand twelve times its size.

I’m just thankful.

This past Halloween weekend was one for the books, and I can’t help but to just  to feel blessed. I am happy to report, however, that I did not gorge on Halloween candy. Instead, I gorged on candy corn Jello-O shots, which is cool because gelatin has some sort of protein, I’m sure. #gains

On Friday, we had a performance of “Sonata For Four Hands,” and it was so amazing, I could cry. We had a splendid audience that night. They were so responsive and respectful and engaged, and it really fed our energy as actors. Speaking of energy, I felt so alive that night. Despite being at the tail end of a very long and exhausting week, my energy was through the roof, and I discovered moments within the show and my character that I hadn’t before. It was magical.

We have our final weekend of performances beginning on Wednesday, November 4th and running through Saturday, November 7th. Tickets can be purchased here.

Saturday morning started off with a two mile run and some sprints with the Puerto Rican. We had five miles on the agenda, but I woke up later than I wanted and was being non-compliant, so we tweaked it. I also scared a lady shitless when I called Felix’s name while running. I had headphones in (was listening to “Hamilton”) and didn’t realize how loud I was. Oh well. Happy Halloween, lady.

After the run, I drove to my friend Jenny’s place to bring her to rehearsal due to some car issues, and by that I mean a hit and run.

This is a PSA for reckless drivers out there: you’re the worst. Not only have I been on the shit end of a hit and run, but two of my friends have in the past week, and it enrages me. Thankfully, everyone’s okay, but if you’ve ever hit someone and just driven off, then I hope you find yourself in a pretty wretched predicament at some point in your horrible existence with no one to bail you out.

We swung by Rue de la Course for coffees on the way to rehearsal. Almond milk latte with half a pump of vanilla, you da real MVP. #sobasic

After dropping Jenny off, I swung by my place to grab some clothes for my Halloween costume, then headed back to Felix’s for a lunch of City Greens. Y’all, best salad ever: spinach + field greens, grilled chicken, feta, pecans, butternut squash, raw beets and fig balsamic vinaigrette. It was so good, I could’ve physically hurt someone. Luckily, I like P.R. too much to actually inflict pain on him, so.

Around 1:30, we left for WWOZ near the French Market because yours truly had a radio interview for “Sonata”! This was only my second time being on the radio (both for theatre), and it was a freaking blast. Me and my costar, Mike, had the opportunity to chat with WWOZ’s Dean Ellis for awhile, and it was really cool. It was very relaxed, which I liked, and felt less like an interview and more like just talking with some chums. We even had the liberty to crack a few jokes, which, if you know me, is important. It was live, too, which made the whole thing extra cool.

After leaving WWOZ, Felix and I headed back to his place to finalize some prep for the mini-party we were having that evening, but not before picking up Jenny from her place. As soon as we all got back to the apartment, Felix made me and Jenny sit down in the dining room, and proceeded to make us homemade margaritas (his are seriously the best) and brought us snacks and Jello-O shots while he got to work in the kitchen on dinner. So nice. It was awesome to be able to catch up with Jenny while sipping on cocktails before we started getting ready for the night.

Around 5pm, our other friends started showing up in their costumes! We had Jurassic World, a hobo, Dr. Frankenstein and Igor, a vampire, a vegan, and a mermaid. It was glorious.

By this point, the libations were flowing and the food was being had. Felix made some pulled chicken with rice and beans and it was glorious. The rum and tequila soaked gummy worms didn’t hurt either. It was a very adult Halloween, and it was great.

Around 7:20, we left for the Old Marquer theatre to see Faustus. Because we showed up in costume, we got a free beer! Never hurts. The play was good, but the company was better. We ran into a lot of friends that night and everyone looked so festive all dressed up! After the show, we headed back to Felix’s for a very special 60 minutes of Power Hour: Halloween Edition.

Felix’s friend Hanlon is known for his Power Hours. Power Hour is essentially 60 minutes of songs that fall under one theme. Everytime the song changes, which is every 60 seconds, you drink. If you can name the song/artist, you get to appoint someone else to take a drink. It gets rowdy, but it’s awesome. By this point in the night, Liz met up with us. She dominated Power Hour and left us all in the DUST.

We had plans to walk to Oak and bar hop, but because we had drinks there and it was kind of rainy, we decided to stay in. We continued to eat, drink and be merry until around 2am. Everyone trickled out, and I took my Gene Wilder self to bed.

Halloween 2015: a glowing success.

Sunday morning began bright and early on accident. Because of Daylight Savings Time, I ended up waking up at 7am ready to start my day. Felix and I had coffee on the balcony and laughed at our ridiculous pictures from the night before. Around 9:30, we went for a really nice run in the rain. It felt good to get some exercise, especially because all I consumed the day before was rum and gelatin.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, grocery shopping, and eating a dinner of soup and naan (new favorite carb) while watching Gotham. Shit’s intense. I love it.

I crashed around 9:30, and now it’s 11am on Monday morning and I’m surrounded by tiny humans again.

The weekend goes by way too quickly.

I can’t believe October is already behind us and we’re making our way towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time flies when you’re having fun, and though I’ve been ridiculously busy, I must say that I’ve been having the time of my life.

I’m thankful today. I’m thankful for this past weekend, my job, the show I’m working on, friends old and new, diving deeper into my relationships with people, and everything else in between.

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