A Summer To-Do List:

Do y’all remember when Myspace bulletins were a thing? I would fill out survey after survey, partly because I was thirteen and bored with my time, but also because I just enjoyed people learning stuff about me. Despite popular belief, I’m not a closed book. I’ll tell you anything, including what my favorite ice cream flavor is, which was a frequent question on those surveys.

Answer: all of them, except butter pecan. It’s nonsense.

I remember creating a lot of to-do lists in my youth. They typically looked something like, “do your homework, watch Zoom at 5pm, eat dinner,” but as I got older, my to-do lists became slightly more extensive and exciting. Also more expensive. Really any descriptive word that begins with the letter “e.”

We’re barely into the summer months, but it’ll be gone in a flash. Before you know it, it’ll be October 30th, and we’ll be scrambling through the aisles at Target and Party City frantically searching for a Halloween costume, only to end up with a pack of kitten ears and a tail for $5.99.


So I don’t lose track of time, I hereby declare this as a public declaration of what I plan to do this summer. If I put it on my blog, I’ll somehow be held accountable. Also, it’s fun to look back and see exactly what I achieved and what I let fall to the wayside. Here’s to hoping that I do all of these things before I have to start being an adult in August (potential new job – more on that later).

Shit I Want To Do – Summer of 2015 Edition

  • Take a new fitness class (barre, spinning, Crossfit, etc.). I regularly run, lift weights, and practice yoga, so I figured now is a great time to incorporate something new and fun into my workout regime.
  • Pressure wash my house, because nothing screams impending adulthood than actually wanting to spend the day cleaning your house’s exterior.
  • Make a new friend. This isn’t, by any means, an “F U” to my current friend groups. You know I love you all. But there’s something so exciting and rewarding about meeting someone that you just click with and calling them your pal. It’s an adult achievement.
  • Travel somewhere alone. A huge part of my heart is screaming for me to venture to Ireland all by my lonesome, but another part is like, “Maybe you should just go to a B&B for a weekend in South Carolina.”
  • Go to the beach
  • Get a daily dose of Vitamin D
  • Host a BBQ. The thought of firing up the grill, sipping on a beer, and hanging out with my friends in my backyard makes me stupid excited.
  • Put myself in situations that I typically wouldn’t. This isn’t me exclaiming to be jolted into a drug cartel, but more so putting myself out there into the world. Taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone is how you learn things, gain life experience, and meet new people. So if I want to make a new friend this summer, or, who am I kidding, fall in ~*love*~ then I need to be more open to life’s weird journey.
  • Write more. Blog, funny statuses, work on my book, etc.
  • Network more. Shake some hands, exchange some numbers, meet Tina Fey.

To be cont’d…


  1. June 17, 2015 / 5:15 pm

    Omg!! Come stay with me in Ireland!!!

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