Things I Need To Do

  • Travel a lot more because there’s an entire world to see and I want to see it.
  • Develop a skin care routine so I don’t have crows feet at the age of 25.
  • Be more vulnerable, because what’s scarier than getting hurt/losing/experiencing rejection is the constant nagging question of, “What if?”
  • Live in another city, even if that thought makes me want to vomit from fear. I’m looking at you, New York and LA.
  • Take a barre class. It’s just time.
  • Take risks. Kaitlyn, if you want to go to Mojo’s on Freret, but you feel weird going in there because you’ve only been once but you really want to #treatyoself to one of their Milky Way lattes, for fucks sake, just go already.
  • Do more things alone and not worry about it. Go to theatre by yourself if you want to see a show but no one’s free. Go to a cafe and have lunch with yourself and a book.
  • Oh yeah read more
  • Hop into your car and go to the beach by yourself and just sit there and stare at the water and contemplate life or whatever, just do it. Whatever you want to do, do it.
  • Fall in love. And I mean really fall in love. First, with yourself. Second, with a gentleman. Let yourself open up to someone, let someone open up to you, introduce them to your family, be proud to call them yours, love only them, want only them, and then do all of these things on this list and more with them, because you’ve experienced them once before. And now you can experience them together.


This is good. This is a good list.


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