Why Was The Egg Afraid?

Because he was a little chicken. LOLOLOLOL.

Happy Easter, everyone. Here’s to sugar comas, drinking a whole bottle of champagne before noon, and Mom jokes.

It’s been a little while since I’ve spoken with you all. Sorry for that. I kind of view writing like working out. Sometimes I’m motivated to do it, and sometimes I’m not. Right now, typing this blog post is the equivalent to spending thirty boring minutes on an elliptical. Meaning, I’m here, but I kind of don’t feel like it. Just being honest.

My love of writing hasn’t fallen to the wayside. I actually really, really love it. I just get overwhelmed in life sometimes, and, while I should write it out when that happens, sometimes I do the opposite and avoid writing like one would the Bubonic plague if it were to happen again. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t because gross.

A lot has changed during my absence from Powered by Sass…

I’m still acting, and I’m happy to report that I’m currently in rehearsals for a production of “Robin Hood” with my favorite New Orleans-based theatre company, The NOLA Project. I’m thrilled beyond words and incredibly thankful. I have butterflies right now just thinking about it. I think I have a crush on theatre. I hope he likes me back.

I worked for a director for two weeks while she was filming an independent feature in New Orleans. It was awesome. I won’t name any names for her privacy, even though I’m sure she would love the shout out, but it was a swell experience. I met so many amazing people and learned a hell of a lot about being a personal assistant. 1) I kick ass at it. 2) Your life literally belongs to someone else. But I kicked ass at it, therefore I liked it.

I’m dating. It’s scary and weird and fun and makes me nauseous half the time, but I’m putting myself out there, because, in the end, it’s worth it. If I can snag a dude who is laid back, but driven, and doesn’t mind having a girl on his arm who cracks dick jokes and can be somewhat neurotic, then I’ve got myself a winner.

I totaled my car. It wasn’t my fault. It was Pablo’s. That’s the name I’ve given the douche of a man who ran a red light and hit my car causing me to spin out and back into a tree on a median in the middle of New Orleans before getting out of his car, yelling profanities at me, and then DRIVING OFF UNSCATHED leaving me in his douchebaggery dust. At least I’m not dead, it wasn’t my fault, and I’m getting a new car with the $$$ from my ballin-ass insurance. So, FUCK YOU, PABLO. I win.

I’ve taken on two million writing projects, and now I’m overwhelmed and want to cry. One is this blog, which I need to start posting in more regularly if I want anyone to take me seriously as a writer. Another is a gig I had a couple months back that has started back up again, Red Beans and Life, which I’ve mentioned before. I’m also a co-writer for Galactic Intrigue, which is a choose-your-own-path story about a Space-dentist that my brilliant friend Mason is pioneering, and I’m two chapters behind, and I feel awful about it. Lastly is another project of my own, whose title I shan’t divulge (yet). It’s a collection of stories about sex, drugs, and rock and roll told from the P.O.V. of yours truly. Stay tuned.

I might be interviewing for a Talented Theatre teaching position sometime this week.

I spent $130 on steak and red wine last night with one of my best lady friends, and it was probably most definitely the best meal I’ve ever had and also the most wonderful decision I could’ve made thus far in life.

It’s been a day. And by a day, I mean a couple of months. My life has been full of some really, really wonderful things! I’m happy, I’m alive, I’m wearing really yummy smelling lotion that people are complimenting me on. It’s just swell. It’s a good life. But then I have moments of remembering deadlines and the fact that my car now resembles a slinky, and I kind of freak out.

It’s all about balance though. I was actually reminded of that today when I wanted to eat a chocolate bunny the size of my ass, but decided, “Hm, better not” and opted for a cup of fat-burning green tea instead.



For the record, I’m probably going to eat that chocolate bunny later while I watch trash TV, because it’s Sunday, the day of rest.

I’ll be back soon with life updates, theatre updates, boy updates, and excerpts from my musings, which will help keep me accountable. I also have twelve days of filming notes to compile and create into a very entertaining story for your reading pleasure.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m a super interesting person, and everything I write is GOLD, so you should read it.

Fake it til ya make it, baby.



What do you think?