“Your inherent self is not tied up in the physical.

You’re not just this actor. You’re not just your bookings or how well people like you. You’re not just your callback ratio or how many lines you get to say on a show. Of course, it’s important to care about our work. Of course, we want to do things powerfully and creatively and have a career and do things that excite us. Just don’t be defined by it. Lean toward the risk. Toward the unknown. In the room. In the work. In relationships. Out there in the world. That’s really why you signed up for acting anyway. It wasn’t to do things perfectly, and be safe and do it like everyone else. It was to inherently take risks in ways that life sometimes doesn’t give us the permission to take them. Or rather, we don’t give ourselves the green light to do it. And what ends up happening when we do? Well, pretty much all the things you ever wanted. And that’s going all in.”

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