A Realization

Just checking in with you all on this beautiful Saturday morning. It’s barely 8:30am, I’m almost finished with my cup of coffee, and then I’ll be out the door for a run. If I’m going to eat King Cake every single day until Lent, I’m going to need to jog at some point so I can get “all dat ass inside dem jeans.” Funny how music just plays a role in your daily life, isn’t it?


When I have the time, I like to use my mornings as a sort of “self reflection” period. I think it’s pretty important to be a social butterfly and flit all around your city with pals on each arm, but it’s also important to check in with yourself periodically and really listen to what’s going on in your mind and in your heart. Thankfully, I’m off of work today, so I was able to do just that.

Since graduating from college, I’ve learned quite a bit about myself. I’ve learned what I like and what I don’t, what works for me and what doesn’t, and that pinot noir is actually good and might be my most favorite of the reds. I’ve gotten in touch with my spiritual side, meaning one day I’ll pray to Jesus, and the next, I’ll pat the Buddha on his head and say something along the lines of, “Thanks for being you,” or “Nice earlobes.” One of the most important realizations I’ve come to is that it’s okay to be unapologetically me.

And that feels good.

Yes, I’m a lady, but I curse like a sailor, and that’s okay.
Yes, I’m a lady, but I drink like a fish (sometimes), and that’s okay.
Yes, I’m a lady, but I’ll crack a dick joke at high tea, and that’s okay.

I am me, and that’s good enough.

I enjoy writing (obviously). I enjoy it a lot, but I don’t enjoy censoring what I have to write in a sad attempt to not offend anyone. So I’m stopping that. I’m writing about what I want, when I want, and I’ll post it wherever I want. That’s the great thing about having a blog that’s mine. I can say what I want and how I want it said.

About a week or so ago, I started compiling a collection of stories from my life. Some are good, some are sad, and some are downright vile. The language, the humor, the sex talk. It’s all so gross rad, but it’s something that I feel like I want to say, so I’m going to say it. I have the spirit of Tina Fey guiding me and the no nonsense approach of Lena Dunham holding my hand. I also have Carol Burnett’s curtain rod to hold onto in case the slope gets a bit too slippery.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go:

I want to make people laugh. Aside from acting, that’s the thing that makes me the happiest. I want to put myself out there, go out on a limb, and potentially risk my somewhat pristine reputation to make you chuckle. If I make you laugh, I have succeeded. I have won. We have won together.

So I’m going to keep on writing. I’m going to write what I want, how I want, and put it where I want. Blogs. The Internet. In books. Everywhere. If I get creative enough, I’ll graffiti jokes ALL OVER THE PLACE. And, by that, I mean sidewalk chalk, because I’m not into defacing property, and, also, graffiti is an actual art that I have zero business interfering with.

It’s 8:36am at this point, which means I should probably go put on my running shoes and maybe some pants and get my day started, but I just had to pop in and share my latest thoughts with you guys, because I know all of my millions of readers are just DYING to know what goes on in my head on a Saturday morning.

Instead of signing out with my usual “talk to y’all later,” I’m going to go ahead with this, in order to keep with the theme and also take this post full circle:

Be unapologetically you,



What do you think?