A Baker’s Dozen: Part Deux

Awhile ago, I introduced a new series to this blog called A Baker’s Dozen. This series was entitled to be used when I felt the need to post but didn’t have a solid subject in mind, therefore, I would discuss thirteen little tidbits with you all, hence “A Baker’s Dozen.” Also, I’m not sure if that sentence was grammatically correct. Either way:

1) I’m a grammar Nazi (is this inappropriate to say?). Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, drives me up the wall more than incorrect grammar/spelling/use of a semicolon. Get it together, people, and, for the love of God, CAPITALIZE. EVEN IN TEXTS.

2) Texting makes me insane. Yes, it’s convenient, and yes, I love using emojis just as much as the next millennial, but it’s hindering us from using actual words when speaking to people in person, and that bothers me.

3) I’m currently watching Season 7 of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and it is so unlike any other season of Gilmore Girls (in a bad way). Who directed this last season and where can I find them? I need to have a word.

4) King cake icing + almond butter. That’s all. You’re welcome.

5) I went for a run in Audubon today, and it was beyond fantastic. It lifted my mood (thank God, because I have been a pill for about 24 hours), made me feel healthy, and I also got to stare at obese squirrels.

6) I’m really thankful for my friends. Like, really thankful. This week alone, I’ve gotten to spend time with a good number of them (old and new) and also reconnected with a friend that I haven’t seen in too long. I love when you can pick up right where you left off with a person. It warms my heart.

7) Speaking of warm, it’s hot.

8) CARNIVAL SEASON IS HERE. I can’t possibly post on this blog during this time WITHOUT mentioning it. Bring on the beads, boobs, and booze!

9) I think it’s time for me to have a pet of my own. I feel like I should take care of something that’s not myself. I’ll start small, like, with a fish, and I’ll work my way up from there. I think.

10) I haven’t heard back from ATL, and, while I was preparing myself for that, it still bums me out to my core. Rejection becomes more manageable, but I’ll never ever get used to it.

11) With that being said, I pledge to myself and to these witnesses (that’s you) to make 2015 a productive, uplifting, and fulfilling year. That means that I will chase down opportunities, walk through doors that are barely cracked open just to see what’s on the other side, speak my mind, do what pleases me, work hard, play harder, and say fuck the rest.

12) I’ve been snacking on a lot on frozen blueberries lately and telling myself they’re ice cream, because this one time, my friend Denise told me that she was raised thinking frozen blueberries were ice cream, so maybe if I tell myself that they’re ice cream too, I’ll just eat blueberries all of the time and forget real ice cream exists.

13) This:


Talk to y’all soon,




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