What Rhymes With America

My history class was doing this sort of mini religious survey, and my teacher, well, every year he sets up this mixed media site in the classroom on different subjects, and this year, we were invited to depict God. Our version of God. Which sounds really hard, and it is, but it’s also really easy, because if you just go with whatever fantasy you have of kindness, like what kindness looks like, or all-knowingness looks like or whatever concept you find central to your version of God… I mean, one kid chose a rock. He just picked up a rock and held it in his hand, and that was God to him. And it’s strangely helpful and illuminating, especially for the artistically challenged types like me, and it’s strangely comforting, even for people like me who aren’t easily comforted, and it’s strangely good to try to articulate in three dimensions your own version of like, God. I worked really hard on mine. I used papier-mache. My God turned out really good.

What do you think?