Dear Diary,

All of those years, you were right at my fingertips, and I often turned you down. In my underdeveloped and slightly naive mind, I had something better. Something more worthwhile.

I was wrong.

I remember those days like they were yesterday. You were dressed up in your fanciest blue and rocking that salt and pepper before it was cool. Everyone wanted you. I like to think it was because you were sweet, yet dangerous. Most parents didn’t care for you much, but the youths, oh, the youths, were your biggest fans.

Though I never told you this, I really and truly loved you, and I never wanted you more than I do now. This very second.

When you went away, I lost a part of myself that no other can fill.

No matter how sweet…

No matter how dreamy…

No matter the crunch.

What I wouldn’t give to experience the Big O just once more.


Oreo O’s, this is for you.

With all my love (and I mean all of it),

A Woman With Regret

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