My Love Affair With Ye Olde College Inn

Remember how I said you can be inspired by anything? Well, turns out I was right! How about that? I inspired my own damn self in my latest post. Talk about kEwLlLl*~.

Because I live in New Orleans, I am constantly surrounded by temptation. You’ve got your restaurants, you’ve got your parties, you’ve got your seedy bars on Bourbon St. The opportunity to sin is everywhere. It’s what you do with that opportunity that decides your fate.

Today, would I rather find myself in a beat up bathroom stall sniffing something off a toilet seat? OR would I rather wine and dine myself?

*Side note: I’m making New Orleans out to seem absolutely horrendous. In truth, IT IS. Just kidding, it’s not. It’s a wonderful city made up of many different types of people, and I love them all, as long as they don’t hurt people. I also joke about drug use, which, in all honesty, is not funny. Have it be known that I mean no harm by what I say! If you take offense, I sincerely apologize.


The answer is wine and dine myself, obvs.

I mentioned in my previous post (you can find it here) that I went out to dinner with J’s family the night before Father’s Day. We chose Ye Olde College Inn in Mid City. I’ve always wanted to try that place, but I never went in for one reason or another. It was SO AMAZING. I just have to share some photos. I also really, really loved that they are a farm-to-table restaurant, so you know everything is of quality and super fresh. They even have an adorable little garden right next to their restaurant. So cute! 

I started off the night with a glass of Riesling, which was delicious. Definitely one of my most favorite wines.


I had two glasses, you know, because we were celebrating. 😉

For the appetizer round, I shared THIS MASTERPIECE with the whole table. It was difficult to limit myself to two bites.


That, my friends, is a crispy boudin cake atop a bed of arugula and topped with a soft-boiled egg and drizzled with a pimento aioli. I’m going to go white girl on you for a hot second and just end this with #icanteven, because I CAN’T, EVEN.

Even though I desperately wanted to make my meal a dozen boudin cake appetizers, I decided to be a little more civilized and order a real entree.


God bless chicken. This was the Pepper Lemon-Thyme Chicken. I subbed the orzo pasta for Brussels sprouts cooked in bacon, and I’m 110% sure that was the greatest decision I’ve ever made in my life. I almost cried at the dinner table, because THAT would’ve been appropriate. I’m such a mess.

I also had little samples of their Smoked Gouda Grits (OMG) and their whipped potatoes and sauteed spinach. Y’all. That’s all. Just, y’all.

For dessert, we all shared their Fried Bread Pudding Po-Boy. I was seriously SO full by this time, but I think I ate like, an entire dessert on accident. That Bourbon sauce gets me every single time. It’s so addicting.

I left the restaurant wanting to die, which, in my terms, means I was full and happy and didn’t really want to die, but I’m dramatic, so.

In all honesty, Ye Olde College Inn was one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to some good ones, thanks to one of my best friends, Clare, who always plans fun restaurant outings. 😉 I highly recommend!

Now I’m off to finish painting my nails. I’m using “Cherry Red” this go around, because it makes me feel sassy and I need all the help I can get. I’m going to dinner with a friend tonight and then going to see a play. Super pumped. I love theatre.

And food.

And workin’ on my sass. *snap*

Talk to y’all soon,


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