A Quick Hello

It’s 9:15 on a Friday night, and I’m snuggled up in bed next to an empty bowl of what was steamed “Asian” veggies (come again, frozen food section at Target?), and letting my damp hair drip dry onto a Star Wars shirt that I’m wearing. It isn’t mine. Apologies to the owner. Walden, my roommate’s cat, is also curled up next to me. After months of seriously despising this animal, I finally have come to love him and accept the fact that he’s a sassy British man stuck inside a feline’s body. I’d be bitter too. We can’t all win.

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted on my blog, but it’s with good reason. I’ve been a busy little bee lately.

1. I have a job, and I have to go to it. I harp on my job quite a bit, but the reality is, I don’t mind it. Yeah, sometimes the shifts drag on, and steaming milk is just like, the grossest of grosses, but it’s really not that awful. I love my coworkers, I love the majority of the customers, and I get a paycheck every two weeks. SWEET DEAL. Plus, free coffee. That’s the ultimate reward. Even on days where I don’t work, I STILL get free coffee. It’s like, a miracle or something! Someone call Benny Hinn!

2. I’m in the process of moving. It’s the pits. Fear not, New Orleanians, I am not leaving the city! I will remain here and soak up every little opportunity that may scurry my way. It’s just that our lease is up on July 1, and our landlord is all, “Rent is going up” and we’re like “No”, so that means move. Needless to say, it’s been weighing on me a lot and kind of makes me want to barf, but I’ll get over it in time. I’m easily adaptable. Kind of like Catwoman.

3. Bars. Bars keep me busy. Lately, I’ve been going out a few times a week with some friends (old and new!) and enjoying a few dozen cocktails. My favorite as of late? Screwdrivers. I know, I know, am I 87 and/or rushing a sorority? Neither. I am 22, and have already been initiated, thank you. But yeah, so I’ve been going out and frequenting a long time favorite in Mid City called Wit’s Inn. It’s just a super chill place with good food, very friendly bartenders, and cool vibes. Plus on Wednesdays, we wear pink drinks are 3 for 1, which means a FOUNTAIN OF SCREWDRIVERS.

4. Family time has been on the forefront too, as of late. Father’s Day was just here, and I spent the weekend with family. Last Saturday night, I went to this restaurant called Ye Olde College Inn, and loved the food so much, I almost smooched our server. I feel like this particular outing deserves a post of it’s own. That’s how amazing it was. Then, on Sunday, my family had a crawfish boil at my step-dad’s camp on the water. It was a nice weekend!

Long story short, I haven’t posted much because, well, I’ve been busy. I also haven’t really felt “inspired” much lately either, which is a crock of sh-t, because everything is inspiring. There have been times, two or three, where I sat down and wrote half of a post only to have deleted it. One was another “here are all of my feelings” post, and the other was basically an ode to snowballs. That could actually be fun, though. I’ll store that away for later.

Keeping it short and sweet this evening. Just wanted to remind you all that I’m still alive and well. So for those of you who wish me dead, YOU LOSE.

Now I’m off to go watch the Bachelorette and eat spoonfuls of whipped cream.

Don’t you dare judge me. You’ve done much worse.

Talk to y’all soon!


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