Tea, Wedges, and Too Much Hummus

Actually, “too much hummus” doesn’t make any sense, because there’s no such thing as too much hummus. But anyway.

Today started off on a completely different note than yesterday did. For starters, the sun was shining. That’s always a good sign, the last time I checked. It was 7:15am when I woke up, and I have the day off, so I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy that I was awake to witness the sun’s laser beams bursting through my window, but I knew coffee was on the horizon, so I can’t complain.

After dropping by the Bean Gallery for a quick iced coffee, we may or may not have swung by District Donuts. In all fairness, I did not get a single donut for myself. Not one. I know, right? Who am I? A girl that doesn’t want to be busting out of her bathing suit at the beach in a week, that’s who. FORGIVE ME FOR BEING SUPERFICIAL SOMETIMES.

I did have a bite though.

Of a donut.

Or two.

S’mores and Nutella donuts, will you marry me? #polygamist

After weeping over the sugary mound of breakfast I wish I had, I scrambled up some eggs, and by 11:30am, I was finally wearing pants. Sometimes, on your days off, you just have to avoid getting dressed. I feel like it’s an unwritten rule. Thou must not bare thy cloths unless thy must. Writing that sentence made me question almost everything about life, which leads me to…


If any of you have been to Metairie, which I’m sure you all have, may I ask why? In my opinion, there are two good things about Metairie.

1) Target. Let’s be real, Target rocks. It just does. They always have a fun supply of trinkets that you absolutely don’t need, but will buy them anyway, AND have you seen their M&M assortment? You’re welcome.

2) Frosty’s Cafe. Taro bubble tea, you are my friend, and I am yours.

The occasional relative may make this list, or like, Sonic, if you’re into the Ocean Water slush or something. But, for the most part, Metairie completely blows…and I had to go there today.

As I mentioned above, in a little over a week, I am going to the beach for the weekend with some of my lady pals. Words cannot even begin to describe how excited I am. I love a good getaway, ya know? Especially with girlfriends and Malibu, because Malibu tastes like summertime, and we need it. Or I need it. I’m sure they need it too.

So I go to the mall, and I’m immediately annoyed by how slow everyone is walking. Why do people walk so slow? What is this “mosey” I am witnessing? Are you lingering around the food court to soak in the smell of “fresh baked pretzels”? Like, what are you doing? I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I knew I didn’t want to spend 45 minutes getting there, so here I am, bobbing and weaving through these pretzel fiends with my heart set on finding a bathing suit and some cat eye sunglasses (because cat eyes are the only shape that actually flatters my round, square-ish face). After being run into by three tweens slurping down “orange mocha frappucinoooosssss!” and almost taking out a whole cart of Storyville shirts, I make it to my destination.

So, I said I was shopping for a bathing suit and sunglasses, right? Okay.

Thirty minutes and $100 later, I get into my car and I immediately inhale the remains of my extra large iced tea from McAllister’s on Tchoup.

*Side note: I feel the intense need to mention my utter addiction to this tea. Today was the third day in a row that I went to McAllister’s and ordered a “extra large, or whatever is the largest, cup for just a tea… that’s all I want. Sure, to go. A tea. Big one.” I am very specific with how I prepare my tea, and I’m sure you can all understand (please understand). So I have this extra large cup, right? I’m guessing 32 oz. I then squeeze 3-4 lemon wedges into the empty cup and cover that with unsweetened tea, then I swirl it around, because like that’s really doing anything anyways. Then you fill the cup 3/4 with ice, then 3/4 with unsweetened tea, then 1/4 with sweetened tea, then you put a lid on it, stab the lid with a straw, and SNORT IT sip it like the Southern Belle you are.

After I drink my tea, I am hit with the post-shopping WTFs. You guys know what I’m talking about, right? It’s that moment after spending a copious amount of money, where you begin to freak out and immediately want to go return everything because you are laden with guilt.

“$100, Kaitlyn? Really? You didn’t even GET A BATHING SUIT. You did find glasses. I’ll give you that much. But did you really need that red scalloped tank? And what’s with the powder blue blouse? It makes you look like a grandma. And wedges. Really? Red wedges? I mean, so what if they matched the top? So what?”

My phone buzzed, which snapped me out of the conversation I was having with myself (because I was having one, and it was aloud), and I decided to drive away before people started calling the cops on me because they feared for their lives.

So I did what any other insane person who just spent $100 would do. I drove to Zoe’s Kitchen to spend EVEN MORE MONEY on lunch for myself.

It was worth it. It was so worth it. I ordered the tossed Greek salad with a side of hummus and pita, and I can easily say that if I could only eat this one meal for the rest of my life, I would. And I wouldn’t complain about it one bit.

(I feel like I should insert a picture of my food here or something)

And here we are now. Closet full of unnecessary purchases, a belly full of hummus, and enough lemon coursing through my system, I’ll be sure not to have a cold for years.

Oh, and before I go, I do want to mention one minor detail as to why today is so much better than yesterday. I can’t give away too much information just yet, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to blab away about it.

Last night, I received some pretty exciting news in regards to an audition I went on. I won’t say which one, I won’t say who/what for. In due time, I will divulge this info! Only a few people know, and I’m sure it isn’t a big deal to tell anyone, but I also don’t want to be like, “GUESS WHAT, WORLD” just yet.

But, of course, when I get the go ahead, I will share more with you all. 🙂

Talk to y’all soon,





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