A New Look for Powered by Sass

Hello, friends!

Anything look a little different around here? 😉 The day that I have been waiting for has finally arrived, and if I were any more excited, my head would explode.

POWERED BY SASS HAS A NEW LOOK! *cue distant-sounding fan screams*

A facelift for Powered by Sass was long overdue. For those who might be stopping by the blog for the first time, welcome! This is what we were playing with before:

A new look for Powered by Sass

Not terrible, but not great either.

What you see now is the new and improved PBS. After the blood, sweat and tears (and many, many emails to both WordPress and Bluehost – for real, we’re on a first name basis now), I do believe I have the website of my dreams that reflects my mission to empower women where they are today to give them the tools to tackle the future with confidence, courage, and sass.

I’m so happy you’re here.

I invite you to check out my about me page to read a bit more about who I am, where I’ve been and what I do. Stick around for awhile to see where I go, because life is a journey, and I’m figuring it out as I go.

It’s more fun that way, isn’t it?

Here are my sentimental shoutouts:

  1. A huge shoutout to my boyfriend, Felix, who you’ll see around here often, who spent hours of his life brainstorming ideas with me, looking at various color palattes, and talking me down off a ledge when I frantically started texting him from work screaming, “MY SITE JUST WENT LIVE. I WASN’T READY. HELP ME, PLEASE.” More to come on that. It’s quite the tale.
  2. To my gal tribe Liz, Jenny and Erin for tolerating me in our group text when I sent them logo after logo requesting their feedback, ideas and support. They truly are my lady warriors, and I’m so happy to have them on my side.
  3. To Chris from Chris Marroy Design who braved my stream of consciousness in crafting this beautiful logo. Thank you for your talent, flexibility, and for not totally hating me every time I started an email with, “Chris. Hey. An idea.”
  4. To Ben, Andrew, Jay, Guilherme and more from WordPress and Bluehost, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. We don’t know each other IRL, but I feel like I kind of want to invite you to my family’s Thanksgiving because you have been such a huge help to frantic ol’ me throughout this process. And all we did was email. That’s love, you guys.
  5. To my friends and family and even complete strangers who believe in me and my writing, you have no idea how many times your words carried me, especially this past month when I was like “wtf is html,” “SEO? More like S-E-NO.”
  6. To you, my readers, for the constant inspiration and motivation to write and continue writing. Having a blog as a platform to share my story in hopes it helps you craft yours has been a pleasure. Transparency isn’t easy, but having such an accepting and loving readership makes it seem as if I’m sitting on the sofa with my best girlfriends and chatting. Thank you.

Having a blog consisting of valuable content that helps, inspires and makes people laugh that’s presented in a way to convey who I am has always been a dream. Today, that dream is a reality and I am so very grateful.

I hope you enjoy Powered by Sass! I’d love to know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated, as is constructive criticism. Can something be more user-friendly? Can something be added or taken away? Do I need to somehow meet my tech-savvy heroes in real life and group hug them to snap a shot for the blog?

Let me know.

In confidence, courage, and #poweredbysass,


Kaitlyn Author Powered by Sass




What do you think?